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Lucian Bute vs Jesse Brinkley , round by round (spoilers)


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Brinkley down in the 5th after a great uppercut to the body from Bute, only just beats the 10 count regaining his feet on 9


manages to stall for time as part of his hand wraps were hanging loose


Brinkley down again in the 8th after a combo from Bute, Brinkley's face bloodied at this point but the ring doctor deems it ok to continue


Brinkley down in the 9th for a 3rd and final time, a monster uppercut from Bute, Brinkley would never have beat the count but the ref waved it off anyway so will go down as a TKO victory for Bute


not a bad performance but Bute should have gone for the kill after the 1st knockdown, but instead managed to lose the following round


he lacks killer instinct in my opinion

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Montreal is the site for another performance by one of the city's favorite (adopted) sons, IBF super middleweight titleholder Lucian Bute. First up, though, is a light heavyweight bout between Adrian Diaconu vs. Omar Sheika.


Diaconu also resides in Montreal, so he should have a lot of fans tonight. He hasn't fought since the second of his back-to-back losses to Jean Pascal late last year.


This fight opens very slowly, with Diaconu scoring the only solid shots in Round 1. Things get a little more interesting in the final minute of Round 2, when Sheika connects with a strong right that forces Diaconu to take a knee. They exchange punches to end the second frame.


Diaconu seems fine and regains the upper hand late in the third. Sheika appears to be bleeding a bit over his right eye. Both boxers are able to get some work done in Round 4 and Round 5, though Diaconu is more active and able to land more combinations.


Sheika gets hit by a number of hooks and counter lefts in Round 6. He picks up the pace a bit in the seventh, but he is still likely trailing on the cards even with that early knockdown.


Both fighters come out throwing bombs in Round 8, with Sheika doing the early damage and Diaconu looking good late. He rides that momentum through the ninth, and we're headed to the final round.


No one lands anything particularly devastating down the stretch, so the judges will decide it. As expected, Diaconu wins by unanimous decision.


That clears the way for our main event. The tale of the tape shows that Brinkley is three years older and has more experience. Interestingly, Bute is four inches taller, but Brinkley has a three-inch edge in reach.


Brinkley makes his way to the ring first. The former contestant on The Contender is getting the first title shot of his 13-year career. Jesse is 35-5 with 22 KOs, and he comes in tonight on a nine-bout winning streak.


Bute gets a flashy multimedia introduction in front of his home fans that includes a live band. He is 26-0 with 21 knockout wins, and tonight makes his sixth defense of the IBF belt.


The ring introductions are out of the way, and we are all set to go for a scheduled 12 rounds of boxing.


Round 1


Bute's size advantage is immediately apparent. He patiently looks for an opening as Brinkley bounces around. Bute backs away from some punches and fires his left hand. Brinkley attempts a series of jabs. Bute uses his own jab to try to find the range. Nothing big landed at all in that frame.


Tylwalk: 10-9 Bute


Round 2


Brinkley tries a quick rush but Bute's defense is solid. Bute is stalking but not throwing much. He finally finds space to land a jab and a short left. Brinkley turns the champ around, though he's unable to land anything flush.


Tylwalk: 10-9 Bute


Round 3


The crowd is pretty subdued as it waits for some sustained action. Brinkley is still looking to land jabs. Bute throws a hard left to the body. He's able to corner Brinkley but only for a few seconds. Jesse comes in for the occasional right hand but has to be wary of counter uppercuts. A Bute uppercut is answered by a straight right from Brinkley.


Tylwalk: 10-9 Bute


Round 4


Announcer Kevin Connors says Bute has bit of a mouse under his right eye. Brinkley stand his ground as Bute comes forward. The champ lands to the body along the ropes. Brinkley stays active with an uppercut and a short left. Tough round to score with no big, damaging shots.


Tylwalk: 10-9 Bute


Round 5


Bute lands his best punch so far early on, a left upstairs. Brinkley keeps ducking and weaving, trying to find an opening. Both men score on the inside. Bute tries to unload with left uppercuts. A left to the body seems to hurt Brinkley, forcing him to retreat. Another left to the body crashes home, and Brinkley hits the canvas. Brinkley struggles to his feet and just barely beats the count.


Tylwalk: 10-8 Bute


Round 6


We'll see how Brinkley responds, because he just crumpled from that second body shot. He seems a bit more tentative as Bute closes in. Now Brinkley gamely tries to charge forward. Bute clocks him with a left as he backs away. The champ goes to the body with a right along the ropes. Both men swing away to the body. Brinkley sneaks in a left hook but has to cover up from more left hands.


Tylwalk: 10-9 Bute


Round 7


Color man Sergio Mora has Bute winning every round. Brinkley gets high marks for heart as he comes forward with several right hands. Jesse is knocked off balance by a left hand in the center of the ring. Both fighters land combinations, and Bute connects with an extra left hand in the closing seconds.


Tylwalk: 10-9 Bute


Round 8


The ref calls time in the first minute so Brinkley can have the tape repaired on his left glove. Bute opens up a cut on his foe with several left hands, and he tries to press forward. Brinkley fights him off with a right hand. Bute fires repeated left hands along the ropes, and the cut seems to be bothering Brinkley. A left uppercut scores for Bute, and Brinkley goes down again. He's back up before the ten count right before the bell.


Tylwalk: 10-8 Bute


Round 9


Brinkley's corner did a great job with his cut between rounds. A right hook scores for Bute upstairs. Brinkley is still battling, but he's going to need some lightning in a bottle to win. Bute lands an uppercut and takes a right hand in return. Bute staggers his foe with a one-two to the head, and the follow-up uppercut plants Brinkley on his back. There's no getting up from that one.


The winner by KO in Round 9... and still IBF super middleweight titleholder... Lucian Bute.



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