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Glen Johnson exclusive interview

frank stea

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Former undisputed Light Heavyweight champion Glen Johnson (50-14-2, 34KOs) has seen the good, the bad, and mostly the ugly in boxing. The Jamaican born gentleman had a lot to say last night on ATG Radio about his career and upcoming participation in the Super Six Super Middleweight Tournament.




In the exclusive interview, Glen told us that he was getting ready for the Super Six and is currently dropping weight. A weight he told us he hasn’t made in ten years but he is making the weight nicely. Also it was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up to be in the most prestigious boxing tournament he has ever known.




The reason he gave for leaving the light heavyweight was the same reason he left the super middleweight division a decade ago. “I left the super middleweight division because better opportunities were up at 175lbs. Now it is the reverse. There isn’t much at light heavyweight now and the better opportunities are at 168lbs. I believe the 168lb division is going to open up a lot of doors.” Johnson said.




Asking what is his chances on advancing and possibly winning this tournament, he told us two weeks ago was a different story because would have to automatically stop Allan Green and score three points to advance. Now with Andre Dirrell’s recent departure, he only has to beat Green in any fashion. “It doesn’t matter what it takes for me to get in the tournament, the only way I can give it a shot and give myself a chance at this is doing it. If it still stands to where I would have to stop Allan Green, then that would be my goal to get into the tournament. When I signed up for it, I knew what my challenges were. Have I shied away from challenges, I would never had the career that I have. ” replied Johnson.


Check out the podcast of this show right now on http://WWW.ATGRADIO.COM or right here on this site. Glen tells ATG Radio so much more in this exclusive interview.




Why he thinks he was on the wrong side of so many bad decisions?


His opinion on Antonio Tarver’s move up to light heavyweight.


His personal message to Allan Green.


How much longer he will continue to fight?


The rematch he wants most.


Why Joe Calzaghe ducked 3-4 time?


How he would beat Arthur Abraham, Carl Froch, and Andre Ward?


Who is the most corrupted promoter/promotion in boxing?


And so much more…

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Unfortunately, Interview was done before Johnson agreed to Super Six. He's says he's protesting to the IBF that the Gloves used in the Cloud Fight were not the ones available the night of the fight, I hope they dropped that idea now. It was funny when the female correspondent asked him what countries have the worst decisions, and Johnson goes "all of them".
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