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Olympic judging...


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I was reading an article about Jesse Magdaleno signing with Top Rank and the youngster made mention of being robbed in the amatuers by the judging?


Arum said although Magdaleno had a chance to win an Olympic medal, he decided to go pro "because none of these kids have any faith in the way that U.S. amateur boxing is going. Even if they make it to the Olympics, they'll get robbed by the judging. He felt it wasn't worth it. So he wanted to start his pro career as soon as possible."


What's up with that?

First time hearing something like that, except over in the trivia when someone made mention of Leonard losing a decision and being handed the trophy by the opponent...

Is it that bad? and why so?



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its a bloody joke, same at the commonwealth games. there's 5 judges who are meant to score clean punches by pressing a. button within a second if each other, sadly the judges seem blind.


this system was brought in to be fair after Roy Jones Jr got robbed at the Seoul Olynpics, with is worth watching if you want to see a joke decision

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Edsel, they went to this stupid system where so many Judges have to push a button within one second for a punch to register, and it's a complete joke, it's turned it into something like Fencing with Gloves. It's not true Boxing. They need to scrap it and just go back to the Paper Ballots and picking a winner for each round.
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And if you land with a 4-punch combo and your opponent lands a jab, that's one each



Absolutely. You see these fights where the two guys are going at it like Gangbusters and then at the end of the fight, it's 10 to 8 or some nonsense. All that Leather and nothing counted.


On the Olympic Coverage I watched on CNBC everyday, you wouldn't beleive the number of times one guy landed a CLEAR scoring blows landed and then the OPPONENT got the Point. Not only a faulty system but inept (or corrupt) button pushers on the controls.


If that is how you want to score Olympic Boxing, you don't need actual Boxing Judges, you can just get Teenage kids with good reflexes that play Games all the time.


Go Back to the Paper Ballots!!!

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