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WBA in three champs at one weight fiasco - again


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Panama's Irving Berry (18-1, 9KOs) and Argentina's Jonathan Barros (30-1, 17KOs) are going to fight for the vacant WBA featherweight title. The tentative date is December 4 in Argentina but it could switch as certain details have not been finalized in the negotiations. The promoters, Osvaldo Rivero (Barros) and Rogelio Espino (Berry), are about to finalize the negotiations.


The "regular" featherweight title became vacant after the WBA made Yuriorkis Gamboa the "super champion" upon winning a unification bout with IBF champion Orlando Salido. The actual "super champion" is Chris John but the sanctioning body made him the "champion in recess" because he's been injured and inactive.



What a bloody farce! angry//

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Iam, I recall one time not that long ago, and I wish I could remember the names but I do recall it was the WBA, they actually had the gall to call something as being for the VACANT INTERIM WBA Title. Foolish me, but when someone who's an Interim Champ gives it up to pursue another fight somewhere else, does that really leave a Vacancy anywhere OTHER than the WBA pockets? mlol/
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You just have to laugh at the whole notion of "Vacant Interim champion" in the first place...



They're basically saying "We have an opening for a temporary champion"...


"Anyone want to give us some money to wear a belt around their waist as if they were an actual champion??"....







It's like those wooden boards you get at fun-fairs, with a scene painted on that have holes cut in them for your head to go through so you can have your photo taken as if you're actually in the scene....except instead, you pay them a few grand for the privilege!


A total shambles!! :P

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