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Ranking the 10 Most Overrated Active Boxers

Bleacher Report

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Deciding how to establish a ranking for most overrated boxers is a tricky business. Hype is an integral part of the fight game, and a really good promoter focuses on getting his fighters as highly thought of as possible while exposing them to as little risk of loss as possible.

So any fighter on a win streak is likely to get overrated to some degree. As soon as a fighter starts to look like he can make some money and generate some fan interest, he will find plenty of people anxious to talk him up.

So a fighter can be very overrated and still be a pretty good fighter just the same. Every fighter on this list is a legitimate world-class professional. A few of them have serious talent and potential for greatness.

But right now, I think all of them are being at least little bit overrated by promotional organizations and/or various independent rankings.

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