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Thank god I woke up...


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Last night I thought I was living in a nightmare that just wouldn’t end. Not only had boxing continued to shoot its self in the foot at every opportunity as it has done this year over and over, with things like the falling through of the Pacquiao v Mayweather fight, the fact that Glen Johnson has been dragged into the Super 6 at a weight he’s not made in almost a decade, the fact that we’ve not had a Kitschko v Haye fight (and we’ve ended up with Haye v Harrison, and it seems Wlad v Chisora), the fact we’ve had fights cancelled or delayed left, right and centre and worst of all we’ve failed to had too many actually genuinely exciting fights.


The nightmare got worse though, as I slept images of...


Continued here http://ringnews24.com/index.php/writers-columns/74-iamasadlittleboy-column/944-the-musings-of-a-drunk.html

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