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Froch vs Abraham will be for WBC belt


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Carl Froch's Super Six fight against Arthur Abraham in November has been confirmed as a world title bout.


The Nottingham fighter lost the WBC super-middleweight title to Mikkel Kessler in April but an injury to the Dane means the title is now vacant.


And Froch will get a chance to regain the belt in Helsinki on 27 November, with Kessler set to fight the winner.


Chris Meyer, who is part of Abraham's management company Team Sauerland, said: "We welcome the WBC's decision."


He added: "We are very happy for King Arthur. On 27 November, he will finally be world champion again."


Froch told BBC Radio Nottingham in September that the fight would be a chance for him to win back the title he lost on points to Kessler in April.


Kessler suffered an eye injury, forcing him to pull out of the Super Six tournament and also meaning the WBC title became vacant.


The WBC title had set to be contested by American duo Andre Ward - already the WBA champion - and Andre Dirrell when they meet on the same night as Froch and Abraham.


But after an appeal from Abraham's management company Team Sauerland, it will now be the European fighters who contest it.


The bouts between Froch and Abraham and Ward and Dirrell serve as the semi-finals of the Super Six.


Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk

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Another example of a governing body making a complete farce of things yet again....


So first Froch announces that he's fighting Abraham for the world title, after seemingly being told that this is the case.

The WBC then contradicts him and say they're going to meet and discuss it before they make a decision.

They decide, in the best interests all round, that Dirrell vs Ward is for the title.

Now, as a result of a (no doubt costly) appeal, they have disregarded their own decision (which in my opinion was bullshit in the first place) and gone with the other fighters....


What if Ward and Dirrell decide to appeal now???


Sanctioning bodies are ALL corrupt and full of sh*t....

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Belts are only part of the picture, the fighters are important factor in a good, or - 'world class' fight. I think Froch vs Abraham will be world class (and for what it's worth - world 'title' standard) and whoever picks-up the bangle at the end of it will go on to fight in the 'elite' ranks of the weight division.


Yes the WBC have back-tracked, but that's nothing new in this, or the majority of sports. Did the WBC not give Douglas the title when he beat Tyson after a review of their initial stance over the long count.....?


So reviews take place and/or decisions are changed. This is not the first, and won't be the last!


Come on Froch - bring the title and the all important 'win' back to the UK!

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