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Dominic Ingle on Kell Brook's Big Win Over Jennings


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Dominic Ingle believes that Kell Brook showed the boxing world that he can mix thinking with banging when registering a TKO win over Michael Jennings in Birmingham last month. Ingle, who works alongside his father Brendan and brother John at Sheffield's famous Wincobank gym, knew going into the British and WBO Inter-Continental title contest that Jennings, a former world title challenger, would present Kell with his toughest test to date on the road to welterweight world titles.


Brook moved to 22-0 (15 early), showing patience and maturity in the WBO world title eliminator, he forced Jennings onto the back-foot early and refused to rush his own work. Ingle believes that his man executed the pre-fight plan perfectly and was denied a more emphatic victory by the fight-curtailing cut to Mike's right eye.


“I was pleased with the result,” said Ingle when reviewing Kell's win. “I think Kell wanted to finish the fight properly and do a job on Jennings, but I had said to Kell that he had had the big build up and the last thing he needed to do was go out and go blasting away.


“Jennings is a good fighter who can do twelve rounds so you can't just rush and try to throw shots at him to knock him out, if you do that you'll just get frustrated so we told Kell to pick his shots. The plan was to establish the jab, get it connecting, and then get your shots off it. Kell started to do that after a few rounds. Michael got on his bike a bit but got caught with some shots and got a bad cut.”


However, Dominic feels that the injury induced stoppage spared 'The Lurcher' from a KO defeat and was a satisfactory outcome given Michael's contribution to the domestic 147lb division. “I think the referee [Terry O'Connor] did Jennings a favour,” revealed Ingle.


“After that round, Kell would have come out and finished him off. To be honest, you don't want to see something like that happen to Michael Jennings, he's thirty-three, has been a good servant for boxing and I think once he felt Kell's power he was always going to try and survive. I think he did that, he held Kell on the inside, tried to frustrate him and forced him to fight on the outside. Kell was going to finish him, but it was a bad cut and you can't protest the decision. It was the right result.”


Brook has the world at his feet; the Sheffield-based boxer is 24-years-old, on a seven fight stoppage run and has added a win over a world title challenger to his CV. 'Special K' ended matters in the same round as Miguel Cotto did in his WBO welterweight defence win over the Lancashire boxer, although Dominic was quick to point out that they had not gone in there looking to match or surpass the Cotto result.


“We never worked on that basis,” said Ingle. “Fighting Kell and fighting Cotto is a different fight. We weren't loading up or looking for a knockout. We tried to establish the straight shots from the start and establish the jab, it is hard to get Michael with uppercuts or anything else because Michael was clever enough to be a half-step away from Kell. We told Kell to take a half-step, to be on him and to move in fast – close him down. Michael has got good footwork and can move well so I think his game plan was to keep Kell on the outside, get him to tire, and then try to pinch the fight.”


Indeed, the trainer feels that his charge has shown that he can mix it at the top table, pointing out that Kell, known as an exciting puncher, can box to a plan, which will be essential at the world title level. “Kell is wise,” mused Ingle. “He trained for the rounds and once you feel his power it does rock you to your boots.


“You can't blame Michael for getting on his bike. When Kell hit him, he had the same look on his face that Kevin McIntyre, Stuart Elwell and Michael Lomax had – Kell can hit hard. You've got to have Plan B, C and D against Kell. You can't engage with Kell, if you commit yourself to a shot then Kell will answer, so Michael never really did commit himself to a shot.”


Frank Warren has indicated that Brook, the WBO's #1 contender, could take on Mike Jones, ranked #2 by the same organisation, early in 2011, assuming Jones comes through his NABA and NABO title fight against Jesus Soto Karass on November 13th.


If made, the fight could be for the interim WBO title, world champion Manny Pacquiao is expected to vacate at some point, the winner of a Jones-Brook match-up could therefore pick up the vacant belt. Lee Noble, one of the Dominic's other charges, may well give himself a pat on the back should Kell go all the way – Ingle revealing that Noble played a big part in Brook's preparation for the crucial win over Jennings.


“It wasn't a case of solving Michael's style on the night, we'd worked on that in the gym,” continued Ingle when giving his final take on Brook's victory. “Obviously it is different levels but we used Lee Noble [12-14-2 (3)] to prepare in the gym. Lee is one of those types of kids who will work the outside of the ring, use his jab and footwork when under pressure to frustrate Kell, this is what Lee did and it must have helped him because Lee went out and beat Pat McAleese – who was undefeated – the other week,” smiled Dominic.



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I thought Kell looked off the pace and a bit lacklustre in this fight actually.

I've been predicting that he would become a world champion for years, as he has always looked a class above.

However, lately, he's seemed slightly dis-interested, and hasn't put the effort in that he's more than capable of.

If anything I would now say he's gone backwards over the past 2 years. I'm not sure if it's down to needing a kick up the ass to get his head down and work again, or if he has just had a couple of off nights after a couple of injuries.

Either way, I'm less confident in him making it to being a world champion than I was 18 months ago...

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If Manny beats Margarito and decides to vacate his WBO 147lbs belt, then Brook has a great chance of taking it.


Agreed, as he will only have to come through Mike Jones, who shouldn't be a pushover, but is well beatable.

In the same breath, this will be for a vacant title, which means he will be forced to have a mandatory next, and Saul Alvarez is the number 3...

His reign won't last long if he doesn't buck up his ideas, and he may get as far as "being" a world champion, but winning a vacant belt and failing to defend it, is about the worst you can manage in making it to that level.

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