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Look back on the career of Manchester's Hitman: Ricky Hatton


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A look back on the career of Manchester's Hitman: Ricky Hatton

Written by Ryan McHugh


Ricky Hatton, known in the ring as 'The Hitman', has recently called time on his glittering career, a career that spanned 47 fights including a massive 45 wins, and only 2 losses. During his career Ricky defeated many World Champions and top level operators, names such as Luis Collazo, Juan Urango, Jose Luis Castillo, and the biggest scalp on the record, Kostya Tszyu.

After winning the ABA's on more than one occasion, he decided the time had come to turn pro. After steamrollering his first 21 opponents, he got his chance to win the British title in an all domestic clash with Jonathan Thaxton. He went on to win the fight by a wide decision, referee Paul Thomas scoring the bout 117-113 in Hatton's favour.


The next time Ricky challenged for a major belt was on the 4th June 2005 against the dangerous Russian born Australian, Kostya Tszyu, for his IBF light welterweight title. Frank Warren had managed to deliver the title fight in Ricky's hometown after he had stopped Ray Oliveira in the 10th round in his previous fight. Coming into the fight Ricky was a huge underdog, who many expected to lose as Kostya Tszyu was regarded as one of the best pound for pound fighters around.




Tszyu was known to be a slow starter and this was shown in the fight as Ricky won the first few rounds, immediately utilising that aggressive style of his. Tszyu regained some composure in the middle rounds, and began to box smartly, fighting well on the inside. A lot of the rounds were spent in the clinch and not as much boxing as one would have hoped for, but Ricky was still coming out on top.


Both fighters spent plenty of time going to the body in a real battle of strength and endurance. During the 7th round Kostya's eye had swollen up as a result of the war that both fighters were involved in, and at one point Hatton touched down, but the referee ruled it a slip.


As the fight progressed Ricky continued to come forward and walk through bomb after bomb which seemed to surprise Kostya, it was like he had ran out of ideas. By the time the end of the 11th round came he was all out. His trainer Johnny Lewis threw in the towel handing Ricky the finest victory of his career and the IBF light welterweight title.


In the aftermath of the Kostya Tszyu fight Hatton parted company with his promoter Frank Warren. The reason behind this was that Ricky had received offers from promotional company's such as Golden Boy, Top Rank and Don King, who would make him a lot more money than he was making under Warren. The split from Warren was messy to say the least. Frank claimed that there was an agreement in place for him to promote Ricky's future fights and expected that agreement to be honoured. The Hatton's had other ideas and went ahead with the split from Warren. Ricky then signed for his next fight to be promoted by Dennis Hobson.


Hatton's next opponent was a dangerous defence against the Colombian, Carlos Maussa. Many fighters would opt for an easy defence after winning a world title but not Ricky, he wanted to consistently challenge himself and fight the best, add to that the bout was a unification fight as the WBA title was on the line as well.


Read more here: http://www.ringnews24.com/index.php/home/archive/931-a-look-back-on-the-career-of-manchesters-hitman-ricky-hatton.html

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