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Canelo vs. Mayweather: Charting Each Fighter's Path to Victory

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http://ringnews24.com/images/pixel.gifThe Floyd Mayweather versus Saul "Canelo" Alvarez megafight is a must-watch for all boxing fans because both of these men have a realistic chance of victory.

Mayweather is the favorite and drawing much of the pre-fight attention, but there's no question that Alvarez is a worthy challenger who will make getting to 45-0 an incredibly difficult challenge for Money May.

As the trainers on both sides prepare the final game plans for the big fight, let's take a look at Mayweather's and Alvarez's path to victory on Saturday night.


Floyd Mayweather


Mayweather needs to make Alvarez pay when he's not defending himself properly. If he overextends on a jab, Money May needs to counter with a punishing right hand. The key for the 36-year-old is being quick and decisive because he has a distinct speed advantage over Canelo.

Another focal point for Mayweather is to not take Canelo lightly. The Mexican fighter is one of the better opponents that Money May has faced over the last few years, and it's not possible to earn a 42-0-1 record without being talented and difficult to beat.

This is the type of fight that could define Alvarez's legacy despite being just 23 years old, which will give him an immense amount of motivation and adrenaline in the early rounds. If Mayweather is able to weather the storm in the first six rounds and take advantage of Canelo's mistakes, victory will be within reach.

Seven of Mayweather's last nine fights have gone the full 12 rounds. He gets stronger as each fight progresses, and his intense pre-fight training allows him to have a high amount of stamina and energy in the final few rounds.

If this bout goes beyond the ninth round, expect Money May to be victorious. He's a better all-around boxer and has a definitive edge in major-bout experience


Saul Alvarez


Mayweather is one of the best boxers of all time, but at this stage of his career, he's far from invincible. Alvarez needs to remain composed and in control throughout the entire fight. If he puts up a solid effort and connects on a few powerful punches in the first five rounds, a seed of doubt could be planted in Mayweather.

The worst-case scenario for Alvarez are lackluster first and second rounds where Money May grabs the momentum quickly and starts to feel as if he cannot be beaten. Setting the tone that this will be a long, exhausting bout will be crucial for Canelo.

Mayweather is able to dominate his opponents when he gets into a rhythm and unleashes powerful combos to the chest and head. To prevent this from happening, Alvarez must jab him early and often to keep Mayweather from getting comfortable and keeping a good balance.


Even if the jab isn't incredibly effective in the first few rounds, the constant chest jabs will eventually take a toll on Money May and weaken him in the final rounds of the bout. If Canelo is able to wear down his opponent physically, it will make his quick, effective combinations a huge advantage for him toward the end of the fight.

The final key to a Canelo victory is not getting caught up in the moment. He's a young fighter with an impressive resume, but he's never fought anyone as talented as Mayweather on an MGM Grand stage. With that said, most of the pressure in this fight is on Mayweather, which is why Alvarez just needs to stick to his game plan and let his extraordinary talents take over.


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