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Danny Garcia's Dad Stealing Show from Floyd Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez

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http://ringnews24.com/images/pixel.gifForget Canelo Alvarez or even the garrulous Floyd Mayweather Jr., because Danny Garcia's father, Angel Garcia, is fast becoming the main attraction.

You had to know that a sport feasting on big personalities would garner at least one more outside of the main event.

USA Today's Bob Velin reported on the odd antics and entertaining ramblings of the elder Garcia during Thursday's news conference.

His son, Danny (26-0, 16 KOs), is attempting to beat revered Argentine boxer Lucas Matthysse (34-2, 32 KOs).

The bout will be a raucous affair some, including Velin, believe may trump Mayweather-Alvarez on pure entertainment value.

If Garcia's words are any indication, we are all in, because he went on a peculiar rant calling into question fans who might dare wave Argentine flags on Saturday:

Everybody wants to have their Argentine flags out, but they forget where they live. We represent the USA. Danny is an American fighter. Background is Puerto Rican and I'm Puerto Rican. They say the American fighters can't fight. The USA gets no props. The same country that sends the welfare check to you. You get that check and sign it don't you, then you want to be an Americanito.

Of course, the quote that seems to be making headlines might be his promise to lop off his own head if his son loses, "...I cut my head off. I cut my head off because blood is thicker than anything. Love, nobody can beat love."

You can see the video that does contain some NSFW language below, via Philly.com.


The New York Daily News' Mitch Abramson noted Matthysse was content to sit idly by and let the diatribe wash over him, later stating through a translator, "I see the gestures that he makes with his face. It makes me laugh."


You won't want to miss a moment of the undercard main event, because Garcia is pretty handy with the championship belt, and he may just make the walk to the ring one of the more memorable moments of the night.

Instagram user Jamarcus Artis posted this video of Garcia with a caption that states, "Watching the weigh-in and Danny Garcia dad was wildin lol":


Saturday will be about a great many things, and only a few will be related to actual boxing.

Go ahead, right alongside Mayweather's entourage and Alvarez's hair, add Garcia's dad to the group of things that have nothing to do with boxing but will lead the discussion throughout social-media circles shortly.


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