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Canelo Alvarez Must Be Aggressive to Take Down Floyd Mayweather

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http://ringnews24.com/images/pixel.gifCanelo Alvarez is preparing for the biggest and toughest fight of his entire career Saturday, and he's going to need to continue to stay aggressive throughout the fight in order to take down Floyd Mayweather.

Defeating Mayweather is going to be no easy task. Money is an incredible 44-0 with 26 knockouts in his career, and he's really never had much of a problem mowing down the competition. Even at 36 years old, he's easily the best boxer in the world.

In his last match, however, we were able to see that Mayweather wasn't unbeatable. Robert Guerrero was able to set the tone early and stayed aggressive through the first two rounds. In fact, the official scorecard showed that two of the judges had Guerrero winning the first round while another had him winning the second.


Looking at the punch totals from the fight, provided by Compubox, we see that Guerrero was keeping up with Money in the first two rounds. He landed nine shots to Mayweather's 11 in the first round and then landed eight to another 11 from Money in the second. Guerrero was also able to stay close with Mayweather in the seventh and ninth rounds, going 11-to-12 and 16-to-17 in punches landed for those rounds.

What did Guerrero do so well in these rounds to keep the fight close? He stayed aggressive. He kept close to Mayweather and made sure to be more selective with his shots. Unfortunately for him, he was unable to keep up the pace for the rest of the fight, just like so many other fighters.

If Canelo wants to pull off the win, he needs to set that aggressive tone and keep up with it.


In Alvarez's last fight, he did a good job staying aggressive and using his power that he's become known for. According to Compubox, Alvarez landed 29 percent of his punches but landed 43 percent of his power punches. He was able to show off his power over Austin Trout when he knocked Trout down for the first time in his career in the seventh round.

Canelo has a good mix of power and accuracy with his shots that could help him keep up with Mayweather for the first few rounds. If he's going to do it for an entire fight, however, he's going to need to answer the questions about his stamina.

There have been a number of critics to question his stamina, as per Rick Reeno of BoxingScene.com, and that's going to be critical for Canelo. He can land some big shots, but can he do it for 12 rounds? Mayweather seems to prefer to drag fights out, and if Canelo starts getting tired, it's going to be a big problem.

There's no doubt that Canelo is a big underdog in this fight, but if he can keep from getting tired and stay aggressive, then he has a shot at pulling off the major upset.

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