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Floyd Mayweather's Winning Formula Will Make for Lackluster Championship Fight

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http://ringnews24.com/images/pixel.gifFloyd Mayweather's defensive style of boxing has helped him become a legend of the sport, but it rarely makes for an exciting fight.

This weekend, Mayweather's championship formula will result in a predictable outcome and a humdrum 12 rounds of boxing.

On Saturday night, the undefeated top pound-for-pound fighter in the business will put his WBA super light middleweight title and his legacy on the line when he faces off against Canelo Alvarez, the unbeaten 23-year-old WBC light middleweight champion.

Vegas oddsmakers and most boxing experts consider Mayweather the overwhelming favorite to win, and for one obvious reason: No one has ever been able to crack the Money code.


Slick movement, defense and a punishing straight right hand have made Mayweather into an unbeatable force inside the ring. And even at age 36, the formula that has worked so well for him over the past two decades is still paying off.

Therefore, fans shouldn't expect a thrilling slugfest to unfold on Showtime pay-per-view this weekend.

Instead, watch for Mayweather to school the less-experienced Alvarez much like he did Robert Guerrero last May. Mayweather managed to land 60 percent of his power punches in that fight, but the eye-catching stat of the night was Guerrero landing just 19 percent of his total punches.

Unsurprisingly, it was Mayweather's superior movement and defense that had everyone talking after the fight.


Expect more of the same against Alvarez, who will be chasing Mayweather around the ring looking to utilize his biggest strength, which is his power punching. The problem: Mayweather doesn't get hit, which should make for a one-sided fight with minimal knockout chances.


While that won't matter for boxing lovers, casual sports fans who don't appreciate speedy shoulder rolls on the ropes and impenetrable defense will surely come away disappointed.

Plus, the downside of having so much hype and build-up for a fight is that it's almost a guarantee that it won't live up.

Sure, Mayweather and Alvarez have combined to knock out 56 opponents coming in. But keep in mind that neither boxer has ever been knocked out themselves or even lost a bout. Both men clearly know how to protect themselves, and the favorite, Mayweather, has never been one to rely on his offense to win a fight.

While the stakes for Saturday's bout can't get much higher, history tells us that Mayweather's winning formula will make for a predictable result and, most importantly, a lackluster main event.


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