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Canelo vs. Mayweather: Keys for Alvarez to Pull Upset over Money May

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http://ringnews24.com/images/pixel.gifCanelo Alvarez is only 23 years old, but has just one fewer fight under his belt as a professional as his Sept. 14 opponent Floyd Mayweather.

However, the Mexican youngster has his work cut out for him in an unprecedentedly significant bout, where he has to prove to the boxing world that he belongs in the same ring as the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet.

Adding to the pressure is that this fight is labeled "The One." While Mayweather has plenty of experience dealing with such enormous expectations, it is on Alvarez to make this spectacle a worthwhile industrial venture.

In order to upset Money May, there are several keys for Alvarez to overcome the odds and emerge victorious in the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.


Begin with Moderate Aggression


Usually moderation and aggression are two different concepts entirely, but in Canelo's case, it is a strategy he must deploy out of the gates.

Mayweather has a legendary ability to wear down and befuddle his opponents with defensive tactics and a methodical strategy that allows him to be at his best in the later rounds. The best way for Alvarez to foil those presumed plans is to get after Mayweather early and often, but also exercise his own restraint.

The last thing Alvarez wants to do is exert too much energy trying to stick Mayweather with big uppercuts and too many inefficient punches.

It's easier said than done, but it will be necessary for Alvarez to effectively jab Mayweather early on and pierce his seemingly impenetrable resolve.

If Money May is at full strength late in this fight, it will be because Alvarez did not do enough at the beginning to leave him vulnerable at that stage. Since Alvarez will be the heavier fighter, the extra weight will be a detriment to him later in the fight.


Utilize Most Lethal Combinations in Middle-to-Late Rounds


Part of the game for Alvarez is conserving enough in the tank and simply hanging tough while Mayweather tries to rope him into peaking prematurely.

Tipping his hand and unleashing his biggest combinations would doom Alvarez if it happens over the first few rounds.

While his combinations and a single uppercut could take Mayweather out in the antecedent stages of this fight, it is far too risky considering Mayweather's counter-punching ability.

Alvarez, should he remain close to this point, can start going for the heavy-handed combinations at this juncture. The power of Mayweather's punches isn't likely to wear Alvarez down by the seventh or eighth round, so this is where Alvarez must make his big push for a knockout.

Knocking out Mayweather would be unprecedented, but it might be Alvarez's only shot to claim victory. Judges will likely be partial to Mayweather as it is, so Alvarez needs to knock him to the canvas at some point.


Fight in a Phone Booth to the Finish


This is a rather quirky concept and a cross-sports analogy—usually, basketball player's shooting is praised for being compact and crisp.


In this context, it simply means that Alvarez must stay as close to Mayweather as possible and pound away with body shots, rather than backing away. That way, if he's in trouble, he can grab Mayweather and cause the referee to break them up.

Such a move might hurt Alvarez on the scorecard, but if he's competed well to this point, it will prevent Mayweather for making a trademark late move and blitzing Alvarez with a flurry of devastating punches.

If a KO hasn't come by Round 10, it is vital for Alvarez to not press too hard for it, because if he gets too overzealous, Mayweather could end the fight by exploiting even the slightest letdown in defenses from his counterpart.

By keeping within striking distance and at least making a split decision difficult by not leaving himself open to punishment near the conclusion of the bout, Alvarez has at least a puncher's chance of pulling off the improbable.

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