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Dean Powell


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Re: Dean Powell


Rumour on boxrec that he threw himself in front of a train.



I found this on Yahoo.


Dean Powell the trainer of many british champions has committed suicide today, he jumped in front of a train?
martin power the former british champion has just posted it on box rec and derrick chisora and tony bellow have both tweeted it .. 



That's a sad way to go if true.

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Re: Dean Powell


Dean could be found in almost every British fighters corner, he did a hell of a lot for British Boxing.


Rest In Peace Dean.


No news of the cause of his death.



Yeah, I checked several sources and got nothing on the cause of death. He just worked Ian Lewison's corner last weekend, so that would tend to make you think that it wasn't something prolonged, but you never know. Here's a pretty good article from Feb that highlights his career:



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