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Marco Huck vs. Firat Arslan II postponed - WBO Champion fractures left elbow!


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There will be no world championship boxing inside the ring this Saturday in Stuttgart, Germany. With WBO Cruiserweight Champion Marco Huck (26-2-1, 25 KOs) sidelined due to a hairline fracture in his left elbow and not able to compete in a rematch with Firat Arslan (33-6-2, 21 KOs), the whole fight card is postponed to a later date.




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Re: Marco Huck vs. Firat Arslan II postponed - WBO Champion fractures left elbow!


The elbow is a complex joint formed by 3 bones:


  • The humerus is a single bone in the upper arm that runs from the shoulder to the elbow.
  • The radius and ulna, bones of the forearm run from the elbow to the wrist.
  • Ligaments, muscles, and tendons maintain the elbow's stability and allow joint movement.


I broke my upper radius bone, last year - the weekend of the Queens Jubilee. I wasn't out celebrating the Diamond Jubilee but rather the Wales vs Baa Baas match. Tripped over the step leading into the pub and it was my right forearm that broke the fall and how I broke my elbow. Was a Saturday and I didn't get it seen to til the Monday or Tuesday. Causes alot of inflamed swelling around the area and you have no strength - In my case I couldn't lift my arm above my head, let alone punch anything.

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