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Fighters Injury (Spoilers)


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Maybe some of the older guys or historians will be able to answer this. I can't think of any off the top of my head.


Ricky Burns suffered a broken jaw against Beltran (photo below). Have any fighters in the past suffered a similar brake? Did they come back? Did it make them chinny? Where they the same fighter after there return?


Hearn has said hes not sure if Burns will ever be able to fight again as the jaw is one of the fighters main tools.




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Re: Fighters Injury (Spoilers)


There been many, Sonny Liston broke his jaw against Marty Marshall back in 1954 and he did alright after that.


I knew Henry would pull one out that none of us knew. Obviously, I knew that Marty Marshall beat Liston (a famous quote from one of only two reporters that picked Clay to beat Liston was, "Anybody who lost to Marty Marshall can't be perfect") but I never knew that Liston suffered a broken jaw.

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Re: Fighters Injury (Spoilers)


Eddie Hearn speaking to the BBC:


"He underwent surgery this morning," Hearn told BBC Radio 5 live.

"Everyone's talking about his next move. I can't even guarantee he'll box again at the moment."



"It was a horrific injury to suffer," said Hearn. "There have been a few occasions when people have boxed on with broken jaws - I couldn't imagine anything worse - but they are extraordinary people, fighters, and he found the bravery to carry on.



"The doctor, who doesn't know a lot about boxing, was quite astonished when I told him he had boxed for half an hour with a broken jaw.

"He asked if he had taken any shots on it and I told him that was the understatement of the year."



"When I spoke to Beltran last night, he said he could hear him almost crying in clinches where the heads were going in on the jaw - unpleasant stuff, but he's on the mend," he said.

"You look at Ricky Burns and he looks more like choirboy than a fighter, but he's one brave kid and our immediate concern is to make sure that he's okay.

"He'll be in for a couple of days and then we wait and see how it sets and forms and go from there."

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