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Ranking the 10 Best Mexican Fighters in Boxing History

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Throughout boxing's illustrious history, Mexico has always found a special place in the sport.

It is a breeding ground of young hungry talent. The regional ranks in Mexico can be allegorized to a shark tank—apex predators surrounded by more apex predators.

The few young ravenous carnivores whom make it out are almost guaranteed to find success in the most unforgiving sport in the world because Mexico doesn't just breed athletes—she fosters soldiers.

And next weekend on Sept. 14, Mexico's newest ranking officer, Saul "Canelo" Alvarez, takes a chomp at greatness when he locks horns with the sport's biggest celebrity, Floyd Mayweather Jr. He wants to show the world what Mexican boxing is all about.

But for now as we sit and wait, jittering with anticipation, let us take a journey through history and revisit some of boxing's most fearsome warriors.

Here are the 10 best Mexican fighters in boxing history.


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