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Boxers that know more than boxing


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It is well known that many fighters have a past where they have had to fight for their place in the world, and not in the most kindly of ways. Manny Pacquiao was forced to drop out of school as his funds were so bad that he was in poverty, like so many other Filipinos of today's world. Pacquiao was so poor that there were days when he was unable to eat as he and his family could not afford to buy food and was forced to sell odd bits on the streets.Roberto Duran was another who had a childhood that had similarities to Pacquiao's. He found himself on the streets often, stealing whatever food items he could to feed his starving body, so it is no surprise that people, maybe unfairly, class boxers as people who are deeply uneducated beings that know nothing except to engage in bloody combat.




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Re: Boxers that know more than boxing


Lee, when Diaz appeared on Ringnews24 Radio a couple weeks back, I was a bit disappointed to discover that he'd put his Law School career on hold in order to run the Trucking business, it wasn't until later that I discovered that it wasn't just some small operation, so my faith in him was restored. I still think he's going to end up in politics, probably the Mayor of Houston and maybe even someday the Governor of Texas. I just hope he doesn't stay in the Ring too long now that he's back.

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