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Just floating this out there...Rigondeaux v Ishimoto?


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There was talk about Rigondeaux being on the next Pacquiao card in Macau, that idea looks like it's since faltered with Shumenov v Kovacs having been added to the card however could Rigondeaux be planning a Macau attack on the next Shiming headlined card?*


If he is the logical opponent would be Yasutaka Ishimoto, who has himself appeared on a major Macau card, defeating Wilfredo Vazquez Jr on the first "Fists of Gold" show. Ranked #4 by the WBO and the current WBO "international" title holder, the Teiken promoted Ishimoto is in action this coming weekend and if he comes through that test against Ignacio "Charly" Valenzuela he'll likely be ready to go early in 2014.


Although he is ranked "just" #4 it's unlikely that #2 ranked Vic Darchinyan will get past Donaire in November and #1 contender Chris Avalos would likely not draw shit to flies.


In fact, just in terms of the WBO rankings on Hozumi Hasegawa seems a more fitting challenger for Rigondeaux in what would make for an excellent game of high speed chess.


Interestingly Ishimoto isn't the only Teiken fighter who will be looking to impress this weekend with Akifumi Shimoda also in action, Shimoda himself is ranked #3 by the WBA and with #1 Quigg facing #2 Salinas for a vacant title later this year he'll likely be hot shotted to #1


*I know Shiming is on the Pacquiao card but we all know who the headliner is there and it's not Zou.

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