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It’s a family affair, as Daiki Kameda’s win means all three brothers hold championshi

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http://l.yimg.com/j/assets/p/sp/editorial_image/0f/0f1c519d57d0355be083ac764bd755a6/its_a_family_affair_as_daiki_kamedas_win_means_all_three_brothers_hold_championship_belts_simultaneously.jpgIt was a remarkable story a few years ago when Vitali Klitschko won a heavyweight title and joined his younger brother, Wladimir, as a world champion. Japan's Kameda brothers, though, have taken that to another level.

The Marquez brothers, Juan Manuel and Rafael, also held belts simultaneously. No family previously, though, had three siblings as champions at the same time until the Kameda brothers.

Daiki Kameda won the vacant IBF super flyweight title on Tuesday by decisioning Rodrigo Guerrero in Takamatsu, Japan. By winning, he joined his brothers, Koki and Tomoki as reigning world champions. Judges scored the bout 117-109, 116-110 and 114-112 for Daiki Kameda.

http://l.yimg.com/j/assets/p/sp/editorial_image/4f/4fec3b1f67f12bec4656ad69a0a8a9eb/its_a_family_affair_as_daiki_kamedas_win_means_all_three_brothers_hold_championship_belts_simultaneously.jpgThe win set a record for the Kameda brothers, making them the first family to hold three world title belts simultaneously.

Koki is, at 26, the oldest of the three brothers. He holds the WBA bantamweight belt, which he won when he defeated Alexander Munoz in 2010. Koki, who is 31-1 with 17 KOs, was only 19 when he defeated Juan Jose Landaeta to win the vacant WBA light flyweight title.

Tomoki, 22, captured the WBO bantamweight belt, his first world championship, on Aug. 1 when he defeated Paulus Ambunda by unanimous decision in Cebu, Philippines. Tomoki is 28-0 with 18 KOs.

Daiki, 24, won his second world title on Tuesday. He previously held the WBA flyweight title. He improved to 29-3 with 18 KOs when he defeated Guerrero on Tuesday.

That's an impressive record. The brothers are a combined 88-4 with 53 KOs and all hold world champions.

That's unlikely to be topped any time soon.




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