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National traits


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We all watch fighters from around the world and with this in mind what traits do you recognise coming from what countries?


I.e. Colombians often seem to be big, strong, guys who are limited in terms of skills but have monster power

South Koreans are full of heart and energy and whilst not usually that skilled they make up for it by not having quit in their vocabulary

Eastern Europeans are typically textbook style with a slightly robotic look to them

Thai's use a high guard, lots of pressure and walk forward trying to get opponents trapped before unloading

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Re: National traits


And Brits fight like wooden knights.:tongue1: Panamanian fighters are usually good technicians who first break down their opponents from distance by jabbing or throwing long shots and then go for the kill. Examples are Duran, Caballero, Cordoba, Mosquera, Guillermo Jones. They are action fighters who can box, simply put. Thats why I dig them. Same with Venezuelans. They often have the power like Colombians but are better boxers.

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