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Greatest knockouts!

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Whilst we all argue about decisions one thing in boxing that cannot be debated is a clean knockout, so lets have a topic with the Greatest KO's in boxing!


Lets start with this over-hand right from hell that almost beheaded the poor recipient


And this one that left a supposedly unbeatable fight flat on his face


Come on folks lets have a nice collection in here!

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Re: Greatest knockouts!



Going in to this bout Tiger hadn't been stopped in around 15 years. You can see he's trying and trying and trying to get up, he doesn't want to lose but his sense are too scrambled to do as he's telling them




Far from a fan of Haye but that was an incredible body shot



Everything about that one is brilliant, from the chant to the shuffle

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Re: Greatest knockouts!


Great start, Scott.


Who were the women in the 1st fight? The women that got sparked telegraphed, her next move and had her chin high-up in the air. Great celebration from the winner.


The JMM vs Pac 4 KO is phenomenal especially as Manny, seemingly, had gained the upper hand.


Bob Foster, doing what he does best - KO quality opponents.


The Tony Booth KO is seriously amazing, given who he is and the showboating he did just before the shot. Also, the timing, due to the mouthy supporters. Classic!


Leonard Ko'ing Green was a glimpse of the killer instinct that SRL possessed. Green really on a hammering to nothing, that night.


Sensational one-shot finish from Wilfredo Benitez. Don't associate him being a one puncher KO artist but he was that night. Poor Maurice!

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