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Prince Arron drops wide decision to Max Burzak in Monaco


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A durable but ineffective Prince Arron (23-5-1) dropped a wide points decision to defending European middleweight champion Max 'The Tiger' Bursak (27-1-1) in Monaco on Saturday night.

Golden Gloves Promotions title fight night in Monte Carlo afforded Droylsden's Arron the surprise opportunity to contest the belt which has, in recent years, swapped between Darren Barker, Matthew Mackln and Grzegorz Proksa.

As expected, Ukrainian Bursak came forward from the start, and Arron's attempts to keep him off with a jab were ignored, with Bursak landing a sharp right hand and giving Aaron problems on the ropes. Bursak landed more solid shots to the body in the second, and threw some fairly venomous rights as Arron struggled to find any space.

That said, Bursak's aggression didn't cause Arron to retreat into a shell completely, and he got through with two decent rights in the third, but landed little of note in the fourth and shipped a lot of shots, including a crunching left hook to the body.

Arron was nowhere near busy enough with his jab, and it had little authority when he did throw it. A left hook in the sixth from Bursak spawned a brief period of aggression from the Droylsden fighter, but this was answered in kind just before the bell went.

Well behind on points, but apparently unhurt and still in with a punchers chance, Arron went down, strangely, in the eighth, clutching the left side of his body. It looked like he might fold, but rose shaking his head and went on to have his best spell of the fight so far - just not enough to claw back the round.

In the ninth, straight after Arron landed a neat right hand from the back foot, Bursak popped in a huge left to the side of the body that sent him straight down, and you sensed that would be that. But he rose gamely and took it back to Bursak, only to receive more punishment, including a low blow just before the bell.

The tenth was more competitive from Arron. He landed a solid right hand over the top, which briefly halted Bursak's pressure. The champion was a mile ahead on points, but lost one of them for holding. He probably should have lost another in the eleventh for repeated low blows. Arron got caught again, which, rather than take a point off, prompted the referee to call the doctor over to have a look at Arron's midriff. It had taken a good few shots, to be fair.

Arron came out looking more purposeful in the closer, and had a good go in the final minute, maybe enough to take the round, but over the twelve Arron took a lot of shots and never really looked like budging Bursak. The Ukrainian is tough.

Judges scored it 116 109 (Daniel Van de Wiele, Belgium), 119-106 (Massimo Montanini, Italy) 117-108 (Predrag Aleksic, Croatia).




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