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Galina Ivanova: "I'm still the best, but I'm being avoided"


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http://static.boxrec.com/wiki/2/28/Galya1.jpgFormer multi-weight female world champion Galina Koleva Ivanova has been ready to reclaim a world title for some time since the birth of her daughter Victoria three years ago, but is finding opponents difficult to come by, and is convinced they are avoiding her like the plague.

That's not surprising, considering Bulgarian Ivanova has won all her titles away fom home. She picked up the first ten years ago - the EBU featherweight belt - by outpointing Italian Maria Moroni in her home town. Later that year, she went on to wrest the Women's International Boxing Federation super flyweight title from fellow Bulgarian Daisy Lang in Germany.

In 2007, she surprised Myriam Chomaz by outpointing her to reclaim the EBU featherweight title in Chomaz's native France. Then in 2008, she decisioned (then) unbeaten Danish star Anita Christensen to take the GBU and WBA bantamweight belts in Brondy, Denmark. More away from home success came in 2009, when she recorded a split decision win over Oksana Vasilieva in Russia, adding the WBC and WIBF bantamweight belts to her impressiive collection.

Ivanova stopped boxing in 2009 - not because she lost her WBC belt in Thailand against local star Usanakorn Kokietgym, but because she entered a new period of her life when she gave birth to her first child, Victoria.

Ivanova told BoxRec News:

"I started missing the boxing life while I was pregnant, and two months after my daughter was born I started training again. Now, almost three years later at 35, I still believe I am best in the world, and I'm sure all my possible opponents know that.

"We've been working very hard [with manager Vasko Vasilev] trying to get a chance for a title shot for the last 18 months, but nobody seems to be interested.

"Am I too good to fight for a world title again? Or they are afraid of me? If they're afraid of me, I would like to make an official challenge to the best in three divisions.

These are Ava Kinght (USA, WBC Silver flyweight champion), Riyo Togo (Japan, WBC International super flyweight champion, who defends her title against Mexican Mariana Juarez on Saturday night) and Irma Garcia (Mexico, WBA bantamweight champion).

Ivanova insists: "I will beat them in their own countries. Of course, I am ready to challenge all the other current or even former world champions like Susie Kentikian (Germany, WBA flyweight champion), who I would beat with ease; Nadia Hokmi (France, former WIBF super flyweight champion) or even Susie Ramadan (Australia, WBC bantamweight champion).

Ivanova's manager, Vasko Vasilev, said: "Galina is one of the best female boxers in the world. It's amazing to watch fighters like Ivanova on the ring, and that's why she's being avoided.

"I have done everything in my ability to match her. The sad thing is that the promoters are looking for easy wins for their fighters, which certainly rules out Galina.

"I would like to ask her rivals - who is strong enough to fight Galina Koleva Ivanova?"




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