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Haye looks to fight in Africa


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WBA heavyweight champion David Haye wants to follow in the footsteps of Muhammad Ali and fight all over the world.


Haye is set for a big 2010, with a mandatory defence against John Ruiz set to be followed by a showdown with WBC champion Vitali Klitschko.


WBO and IBF titlist Wladimer Klitschko also remains on the 29-year-old Londoner's radar for the 12 months ahead.


Britain and Las Vegas are high on Haye's list on possible venues for the bouts but he is also keen on emulating his hero Ali by recreating the Rumble in the Jungle and the Thriller in Manila.


Haye told the News of the World: "Of course I want to defend my title in Britain and also fight in Las Vegas, but as heavyweight champion of the world I also want to fight all over the world.



"Muhammad Ali is best remembered for his 'Rumble in the Jungle' fight. There was also his 'Thriller in Manila' fight with Joe Frazier.


"I am going to Angola for the African Nations Cup next month and it's something we will continue talking about.


"Ali is a massive hero of mine and if I could do something like he did then I'd love it. Maybe we can stage the new Rumble in the Jungle.


"I am looking to leave a legacy and to be able to fight in every continent would be tremendous."




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He needs to get his head down, make a few defences and then start talking about legacies & all that other shite. He undoubtedly has ability but has a long way to go before he can be classed as a legend or great fighter.


It worries me that he believes all his own hype & starts thinking he just has to turn up to win.

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This is the usual take completely out of context what Haye said....he was commenting that Ali was a hero of his and that he would love to follow his lead and fight all over the World and hopefully one day in Africa as he had...Now from that we have some people reading it as though he was actually making a comparison to the Rumble mlol/


Its fecking barking mad mlol/

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Vegas is the future for Haye against one of the brothers. Like it or lump it. No other city can front the $$$$ and glamour. And lets be honest the Heavyweights is where most of the serious cash has always come from in the sport.


If he keeps getting the hype (rightly or wrongly) he is receiving and destroys Ruiz in good style then i can see a mega fight in sin city

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I dont know about taking things out of context. Read it again he clearly says Maybe we can stage the new rumble in the jungle.


Now we all know that took place in Zaire, not a relatively wealthy African country like South Africa. It was in no small part down to Don Kings mouth, and the 2 fighters involved. Haye, Klitch, and all the people that surround them do not even begin to compare with the 3 involved in Zaire. That isn't taking things out of context, more like a highly accurate observation IMO. lol//

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