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Audley Harrison to face winner of European heavyweight fight


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Audley Harrison is being lined up to face the winner of tonight's vacant European heavyweight title fight between Albert Sosnowski and Paolo Vidoz.




Surrey-based Pole Sosnowsi, 30, faces Italian Vidoz, 39, at the York Hall in Bethnal Green with Harrison lying in wait for the winner early next year.


Harrison, 38, revived his career with three wins on one night to win the Prizefighter Series in October and still insists he can get into world title contention.


He said: "I'm ticking over in Los Angeles and can't wait to get going again.


"A European title fight is a quick route back and that is something I am keen to talk with promoter Barry Hearn about.


"I want to do whatever gets me to a world title the quickest way possible."




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I'd like to see Harrison just go for broke, he has some skill and if he went for it I don't think people could knock him too much. I don't think he ever will though.


I think he almost set himself up for the way he fights by running his mouth early on in his career, his boasts about being British champ in 5 fights or something like that and that he would be a world champion in a couple of years of turning pro, he almost had to fight the way he has because the fear of losing is so high for him. If he had beena bit more humble and promoted an exciting attacking style I think he would have been given a lot less stick from people if he lost by actually going for it.


He'll never change now and to be honest he would get totally battered by any of the current title holders. In fact he'd probably be so scared of them he would lie down after the first bell.


If he wins the European and beats someone in the mix (top 10) then he will have gone some way to earn a shot, then it would be up to him.


I have to say winning the prizefighter against the limited opposition he faced does not make him a world beater all of a sudden.

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Where you from lol? as I suspect you may not have watched Prizefighter which gets together a number of Boxers in any particular division (in this case HW) and they have a knockout competition leading up to a final contest which he won!


All the fights count for his Pro Record, so it puts him having beaten a number of other Losers, top of the 'Loser Pile' and back in contention!

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