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Williams admits he is 'shot'


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Danny Williams has made the bizarre admission that he is "shot" ahead of his upcoming British and Commonwealth title unification fight with Sam Sexton.


The 36-year-old British champion is scheduled to return to the ring in February for what Williams claims will be his last fight.


But the man famous for a four-round victory over Mike Tyson in 2004 claims his subsequent world title beating at the hands of Vitali Klitschko has left him demoralised and on the verge of walking away from boxing.


"I don't think I've been the same since the Klitschko defeat," he told The Times.


"I've just been fighting with heart for too long.


"I'm going to train hard for this fight for one last time. I'm going to do a course to become a bodyguard for celebrities. I've got to get completely away from boxing or I'll just get dragged back in.


"I'm a shot fighter. Others have been saying that about me for years, but when I say it people think that I'm joking.


"This will be it, this will be the last time the ring announcer introduces Danny Williams - unless another guy called Danny Williams comes along."



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Right I have to admit he does seem to be shot and he is nothing like his old self. I don't really mind that he is having this fight though as I feel he will be 100% concentrated on this fight. In prizefighter he was aiming at Harrison and looked past Baker, as I feel we all did. Danny said in front of me that he was shot, I dont think he is saying it to get Sexton off game.


Don't write Danny off though as I said he should be focused.


On the fan site people are saying that he needs to get through the first few rounds, then he'll be fine. I agree.


Im going to be their anyway (not with belt this time, Im a bock lol)


He's the video


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How could the bbb of c deny Danny of his last fight? I think the heart he is showing is a good advert for boxing, also the fact that it is his last fight wont put people off of going.


Bear in mind a 52 year old Larry Holmes fought "the king of the four rounders" ButterBean (known for knocking people out) - I think this was more dangerous and stupid then letting Danny Williams fight Sam Sexton


Danny said he is shot, but not once has he said "I'm going to lose this fight" therefore Danny should be allowed to fight this fight...


Right now this is something Ive always wondered - whats this Joe Biscuit thing all about? I dont understand.



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