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Fury Back On Saturday


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by James Slater - Huge unbeaten British heavyweight hope Tyson Fury gets back into the ring this coming Saturday night, as he faces durable Bulgarian journeyman Yavor Marichev over a scheduled six rounds. Boxing on the under-card of the Darren Barker-Wayne Elcock British middleweight title fight, the 21-year-old will be having his first fight since injuring his hand in his September 26th points win over Tomas Mrazek..


Currently 9-0(7), Fury will look to get a few rounds in and get himself a workout out of 26-year-old Marinchev, before looking ahead to his mandated rematch with John McDermott, who he controversially out-pointed over ten rounds on September 11th of this year. The argument about who the better fighter is out of Fury and McDermott is still very much undecided, and the rematch, planned for some time early next year, should be some fight.


On Saturday, against the Bulgarian who is 5-17(3) Fury should have no real problems at all. But one thing the visiting fighter is, is durable. Having been stopped just once in his 17 defeats - in his pro debut, against Felix Barbero back in 2005 - the 6.0" fighter who calls himself "The Hyena" may well last the full six rounds. In his last two fights, both of them in the U.K, Marichev took David Price and Larry Olubamiwo the distance, going 4-rounds and six-rounds, respectively.


If Fury can bowl over the man who has fought in Switzerland, Germany, Ukraine, Israel and Russia, to name a few of the countries Marichev has boxed in, he will have done well. Fighting after having suffered his first serious injury since turning pro back in December of 2008, and having just his second bout since the McDermott controversy - a fight most people saw him losing - Fury will want to impress.


Once again having a big weight and height advantage over an opponent (Marichev weighed-in at just 208 pounds for his last fight), Fury will be asked no questions the like of which he was asked in the McDermott battle. A Fury points win looks a good bet, though, as the man who will be having his tenth fight this year won't be in a mood to lie down.


Helping to keep Fury sharp and not much more, Saturday's fight will be his latest in a series of bouts against European journeymen. But because of the second tough fight he is likely to be in for against "Big Bad" John, and coming back as he is from a hand injury, the 6'8" prospect is entitled to a relatively safe opponent. A win for the Bulgarian would really be a massive shock. Marichev has not won in his last six outings.



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Love that, Eastside have picked that up from my interview with Tyson yesterday.


If you check out boxrec news you can read the small interview with Tyson.


Also coming later is a cracker with Tyson talking about David Haye, well worth a read, I was quite shocked when he started talking about Haye

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