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Haye champ for five minutes - WBA order ridiculous interim t


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Haye champ for five minutes - WBA order ridiculous interim title match

by Ian McNeilly


The WBA have ordered a ludicrous heavyweight 'interim' title match between Kali Meehan and Ruslan Chagaev - and the winner is mandated to face the victor of champion David Haye's first defence against John Ruiz.


Don King lost his grip on the WBA title when his man Nikolai Valuev was recently dethroned by Haye in Germany.


Aussie Meehan's promoter is...wait for it...Don King!


Ah, even half-describing the situation makes me feel like I'm gargling with diarrhoea.


Meehan apparently earned the number one ranking with this particular brand of moving self-satire by beating DaVarryl Williamson in October 2007 (God knows how seeing as this match was for something called the 'WBO NABO title').


Since then, he has blown away the legendary Jeremy Bates and future Hall of Famer Dominique Alexander - the latter being his most recent fight back in August 2008. All of a sudden, coinciding with King not having a piece of the champion or mandatory challenger Ruiz (by the way, 'the mandatory challenger' is ranked number two in the WBA's insane world), Meehan finds himself fighting for this utterly worthless title.


King said, presumably with no hint of irony, “Kali has been very loyal and committed to the WBA and their problems while waiting over two years to appear in the world championship match he earned. He understood their problems and has been patient, going along with them to keep the WBA in good standing.”


Good standing? Boxing is killing itself.




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