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Kessler v Ward (Spoilers)


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Former Olympic light-heavyweight champion Andre Ward beat WBA super-middleweight champion Mikkel Kessler with a unanimous technical decision in California.


The fight, part of the Super Six tournament, was stopped in the 11th round because of a cut to the Dane's face.


It was a surprise defeat for Kessler (42-2), who was well fancied to win the super middleweight tournament.


"Right now, I'm dreaming," Ward said. "I can't compare this to winning the gold medal, because it's going to take a while for it all to sink in.


"Everyone said we got the bad draw, but we just beat the toughest guy."


Ward admitted there were two head butts which contributed to Kessler's injury, but said they were accidental.


"I'm not a dirty fighter, everybody knows that," he added.



However, Kessler was angered by his opponent's tactics, and insisted that he could have fought on.


"He was the better man tonight, but I would have liked the fight to go another minute," Kessler said. "I knew I could have continued. I was cut, but the cuts weren't that bad.


"He threw a lot of elbows, and there were a lot of head butts, and he never got any warnings. ... I don't want to sit here and complain all the time, but I wasn't happy with the referee."

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Well got admit idiot here fell asleep at missed the fight, im hoping to get hooked up later with the fight ?//


Gotta be honest and say i dont know to much about Ward, i backed Kessler to win but im looking forward to watching the fight as from what im reading in various places he got well beat

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sure did


i didnt know much about Ward but expected Kessler to KO him after hearing ward had been down in a previous fight and we didnt know if he had a chin.

How i was totally wrong Ward totally outclassed Kessler with his speed and at the end of the tenth round i had ward 8-2 up.You can argue that the headbutt caused kessler some problems but like the calzaghe fight when somebody boxes him he doesnt seem to have any answers.

I am now thinking is Kessler just another one dimensional boxer who looks good when people stand in front of him and trade punches.

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i was definitely surprised by ward. ive seen about 6 of his fights and he never impressed me, in fact i was always underwhelmed. he really brought it tonight though. i picked him to win by SD just because i was hoping for an american victory.


a couple things though:


kessler did look flat, i dont if he was nervous or hes still hasnt gotten over calzaghe. i sort of had a feeling he wasnt the same fighter after that loss but i didnt really know since he hasnt fought anybody good since. either he had an off night against ward or hes just not the same fighter


ward started getting sloppy which a skilled fighter (dirrell, abraham, or taylor in the tourney) will be able to take advantage of. hes obviously not a power punchers so he should stop trying to be one.


i hate when fighters jump in with their head like ward... holyfield and tim bradley do it too, i think with ward its intentional since he can just blame it on his style and knows hes not going to get penalized. so its a dirty tactic.

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I was very impressed with Ward - he boxed superbly and he started the fight very confidently for such a big fight. Kessler though didn't look his old self - he just didn't/couldn't get shots off and seemed Great of any ideas.

It could have been Wards style that made him look so bad and to a degree that is true though Kessler has beaten a similar styled opponent before in Anthony Mundine and he did that away from home.


The crowd or occasion certainly wouldn't have effected Kessler too greatly, as he has fought in Calzaghes backyard in front of 55,000 fans and given a good account of himself.


Ward has to take alot of credit for beating Kessler and looking good doing so - Ward controlled the tempo and distance of the fight and Kessler had no answers.


The good thing about the tournament is that we won't have to wait long for answers such as; was this just a bad night at the office for Kessler?, or is he on the slide? - as he is taking on Froch next. Ward will take on Taylor next who will offer more interms of speed though could be completely shot by the time he gets in the ring.


Based on last nights performances, then I'm going for Froch and Ward wins and pretty comfortably as their opponents both look over the hill. Only time will tell and 'Super 6' means we won't have to wait too long for the answers.


Still, Ward looks like a Star in the making - Speed, movement, tenacity, decent power and a good thinking fighter.

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Fell asleep on this fight live but watched the fight again and ward is nothing but a shity shity spoiler. His style is terrible and no wonder he won. It must have been like fighting a turkey on the loose. Please please somebody knock this guy out for good.
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