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mayweather on pacquiao


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Love him or loathe him, you can't help but listen to Floyd Mayweather!


So here is a feature-length exclusuve interview with the man who calls himself Money, conducted by Adam Smith for Sky Sports News just hours after Manny Pacquiao had destroyed Miguel Cotto.


Of course, the mouthwatering showdown with Pac Man is the first topic that comes up - and is brought back up again - but from then on it is pure Mayweather.


And no-one escapes... not Ricky Hatton, not Freddie Roach, not Bob Arum, not Oscar de la Hoya not Juan Manuel Marquez. And certainly not Pac Man!

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saw mayweather talking on tv this morning about a potential pacman fight. he wants pacman to approach him to ask him for a fight, thinks he untouchable this muppet.

has pacman even mentioned wanting to fight mayweather yet, after he beat cotto the other night ?/

to me, it sounds like mayweather is the 1 who wants the fight.

for a guy who keeps retiring, why does he always wanna come out for another fight lmao, it looks like this guy only retires so he can get offered more cash to come out of retirement

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like i said b4, he makes a lot of good points.


if floyd is content with his legacy, then so be it.


i never thought floyd was boring for not taking punishment, the only thing is boring is when he dominates a guy like henry bruseles who doesnt even belong in the same ring, so its like watching a glorified sparring session. thats boring to me, but floyd's skills are amazing like pernell whitaker and others like that.


do i want to see him fight pacquiao? definitely. but i dont think floyd deserves to be taken advantage of in the interview.


i dont know how it is in the UK, but in the US there is a lot of unprofessional and racist journalism thats been going on for decades (in & out of boxing)

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