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Pacquiao ear bleed no cause for concern


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Top Rank promoter Bob Arum says the doctor who attended to Filipino boxing hero Manny Pacquiao after he had hammered WBO welterweight champion Miguel Cotto into submission in twelve brutal rounds said there is no need for concern over the bleeding in Pacquiao’s right ear.


In an overseas telephone conversation with http://www.insidesports.ph, Standard Today and Viva Sports, Arum said Dr. Jeffrey Roth told him that “Manny will be fine” after treating him again the day after the fight.


Arum disclosed that according to Dr. Roth the “blood comes from bleeding from getting hit on the ear. It could have come in the training, it could have come from the fight or the blows from the fight made it worse. But its nothing. It’s a minor kind of thing . He never went to the hospital and the doctor treated him on the night of the fight and treated him today.”


Arum said Dr. Roth drained “that excess blood from that cartilage” that was apparently damaged during the fight.


He said “its something that you treat so that he doesn’t end up with what they call a cauliflower ear. Most fighters leave that stuff in their ear so their ear gets disfigured.”


ABS-CBN’s Dyan Castillejo who spoke to Dr. Roth after he treated Pacquiao for a second time Sunday said the doctor told her “there was fluid again and a little blood so he added more dressing” but indicated there was nothing to be worried about and that Pacquiao could be checked again after a few more days.


Meantime at mass, Dionisia Pacquiao, the mother of the world’s pound-for-pound king cried and begged her son to stop fighting to prevent anything from happening to him.


But Arum said he would talk to Pacquiao before he leaves on a flight back to the Philippines and “figure out what he’s going to do politically because the only way we can do a (Floyd) Mayweather Jr fight is if I do it at the end of April or the beginning of May.”


While most fight fans and the international media are pushing for a Mayweather fight, Arum said he needs time to promote the fight and to also negotiate with whoever Mayweather appoints to negotiate on h is behalf.


Arum said that if Pacquiao decides to run for a congressional seat then he has to make “a smaller fight for him in March which could probably be a (Juan Manuel) Marquez fight.” He said he was confident he could get a Mayweather fight done by late April “because there is so much money that an agreement could be reached.”


He said he doesn’t know who is likely to represent Mayweather in any negotiations and said he is waiting to hear from them. Arum said “if its (Richard) Schaefer of Golden Boy Promotions it’s fine. If its somebody else its fine. When they call me I will find out who is authorized to handle the negotiations. I don’t think Mayweather has a contract with Golden Boy but once I see what the deal is I’ll take it to Manny first for his approval.”


Schaefer was quoted in the Los Angeles times that Getting them together is a mega-fight that has to be made. We’d all have to be morons to not let this happen” even as he asked how often have he and Arum failed to make a big fight.



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