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GJ Interview: "I was robbed!" lol


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Friday, 13 November 2009


Mr R Warrior


This week Terry Scott caught up with former light heavyweight champion Glen Johnson, popularly known as the Road Warrior. Having lost for a second time to Chad Dawson this weekend Glen was keen to set the record straight on this and some of his other fights.


TS: Good afternoon Glen. How are you feeling after your loss to Chad Dawson?


GJ: I was robbed.


TS: Well, you certainly have had some contoversial losses. I know many scored the first fight for you.


GJ: I was robbed.


TS: You reached the pinnacle of your weight division, unified champion - and Ring Magazine fighterof the year to boot - after beating Antonio Tarver, who you split a pair of decsions with.


GJ: I was robbed.


TS: Errrrr, well what about Bernard Hopkins, I understand you accepted your defeat against a prime Executioner.


GJ: I was robbed.


TS: But I thought it was a convincing stoppage defeat?


GJ: I was robbed.


TS: Help me out here Glen, I feel like Parky interviewing Meg Ryan . . . or Emu. Give me something to work with hey? How about discussing perhaps your biggest victory, against modern-day legend Roy Jones Jr?


GJ: I was robbed.


TS: But Glen, you dominated a once-unbeatable legend of the sport from the first bell, capturing a sensational 9th round KO and leaving him prone on the canvas for 20 minutes...


GJ: I was robbed.


TS: I'll tell you what, let's leave it there. Thanks for your time Glen.


GJ: F*ck off.




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