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Weights from Manchester


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IBO Welterweight Title


Lovemore N'Dou 145 lbs - Matthew Hatton 147 lbs


English Middleweight Title


Darren McDermott 159lbs 4oz - Darren Butler 158 lbs 7oz




Lightweight Bout


Gary Buckland 137 lbs 5oz - Istvan Nagy 134lbs 1oz




Middleweight Bout


Cello Renda 161lbs 4oz - Paul Samuels 163lbs




Super Bantamweight Bout


Paul Economides 123lbs 1oz - Stephen R. Russell 123lbs 2oz




Super Featherweight Bout


Scott Lawton 131 lbs - Derry Matthews 131lbs 8oz




Light Welterweight Bout


Darren Askew 141lbs 8oz - Dean Harrison 142lbs 9oz

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