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Martin Rogan: "See The New Me!"*Spoilers*


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Martin Rogan: "See The New Me!"


Martin Rogan has promised that he will be a "new" fighter in Belfast tomorrow night. The Irishman will challenge Sam Sexton for the Commonwealth heavyweight title at the Odyssey Arena. In May this year Rogan lost the belt to Sexton on a controversial eighth round stoppage. But the 38-year-old insists that he has learned vital lessons from the defeat. In the aftermath, Rogan split with trainer John Breen, teaming up instead with Paul McCullagh.


And Rogan says he has made a number of improvements in the gym. "I'm stronger and faster than I have ever been," said the man who beat Audley Harrison and Matt Skelton.


"I have to thank Sam for bringing the belt back over, because that is where it is staying.


"I'm going to do it - I have trained very hard and I have a lot more to offer..


"I intend to go out and take the title back off him."


Sexton, 25, admitted that he would be facing a fired up Rogan - but dismissed his chances of victory.


"Of course he is out for revenge but his best chance came in the first fight," said the Norwich fighter.


"He couldn't beat me the last time and he is not going to do it this time.


"He is a lot older than me - I'm still pretty fresh for a heavyweight at 25.


"He's had a few tough fights and he was marked up a bit in the last one.


"So it's out with the old and in with the new. I'm definitely going to be holding on to my belt."




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By Brendan Galbraith - The setting for today’s weigh-in was a first floor function room in the Wellington Park Hotel, Belfast. In one corner of the room stood a confident Sam Sexton with his trainer, Graham Everett; in the opposite corner was a fired-up Martin Rogan and his new trainer Paul McCullagh. In between both men, was MC Mike Woodhall and former British Flyweight Champion, Hugh Russell, now performing with aplomb the officiator role.


First onto the scales was a trim and well-conditioned Martin Rogan, who weighted-in at 16 stone 10 Ilbs. Rogan, relishing the role of home favourite, let out a ferocious roar and then a second battle cry of “C’mon Belfast” to his cheering fans..


Next up was the turn of the Commonwealth Champion, Sam Sexton, who weighted-in at a heavier 17 stone 4 Ilbs. Sexton mustering up a stellar amount of gravitas, embraced the psychological warfare by eyeballing Rogan and symbolically pointing his forefingers in the air, as if to gesture “I’m number one”.


In the tense head-to-head both men were keen to gain an upper hand in the psychological battle, firstly, with Sexton attempting to place his fist under Rogan’s chin for the eager photographers. Rogan, quickly brushed Sexton’s fist away and as soon as the photographers had got their shots, both men were quickly separated. And that is the way it remained, both men were in separate rooms as they awaited the obligatory meeting with the doctor.


Also, in attendance at the weigh-in was John Rawling and Eamon Magee.


Rogan-Sexton II will be at The Odyssey Arena in Belfast on Friday 6th November 2009. Also, on an impressive undercard is Neil Sinclair and Alex Arthur, Kevin O’Hara, Joe Rea, Jamie Conlan (making his professional debut), Luke Wilton and Ciaran Healy.

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rogan although he went into the fight with a neck injury looked good but tired quickly, maybe he went all guns blazing because he was injured neck and wanted the guy out fast, if he didnt do that because of the injury u could put it down to poor experience, he could of won the rounds with his bombs then backed off for a while saving his stamina but instead he tried to hard and didnt pace himself, shame his arm went or we could of been in for a interesting ending
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