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Angulo vs Yorgey for 'Interim' title


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The November 7 fight in Hartford, Connecticut, between “Lightning” Harry Joe Yorgey, 22-0-1 with 10 knockouts, of Bridgeport, Pennsylvania, and Alfredo “Perro” Angulo, 16-1 with 13 knockouts, of Mexicali, B.C., Mexico, has been approved for the WBO interim junior middleweight world title. It is scheduled for 12 rounds.


HBO will televise the fight as the co-featured bout on its World Championship Boxing series. Banner Promotions will co-promote the Yorgey-Angulo bout with Gary Shaw Productions.


Banner Promotions president Art Pelullo said, “I’m very pleased that the WBO has approved this fight for its interim world title, and I want to thank WBO President Paco Valcarcel for giving Harry and Alfredo this opportunity. Both of them have worked hard and done all the right things to get themselves in this position, and deserve a shot at the title as much as any junior middleweight in the ring.”




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the only time ive seen yorgey is the fight with ronald hearns. i think angulo stops him.


i thought paul williams was already the interim WBO champ and dzinziruk was regular WBO champ? unless williams is vacating his "interim title" lol... why am i even thinking about this?


I know all these 'Interim' titles are a headache. In the good old days they would have been called title eliminators.

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