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Moore after Macklin rematch


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Jamie Moore Says He Will Move Up To Middleweight, Wants A Rematch With Matthew Macklin


by James Slater - Jamie Moore was on a roll. The hard working 31-year-old southpaw from Salford had recaptured the British title, had won the European belt at 154-pounds and, finally, after months and months of waiting, he was on the verge of a shot at a recognised world title. But then he met British rival Ryan Rhodes, and his excellent run came to and end. With it, reportedly, came an end to Moore's days as a light-middleweight..


Speaking with Boxing News magazine in the U.K, Moore, 32-4(23) has made it clear he will move up to 160 in his next fight, and that in all honesty he should have put the weight on quite a while before now; struggling as he was to make 154 in his last few bouts. Instead of letting the 7th-round TKO loss to fellow southpaw Rhodes dampen his spirits, Moore is somewhat relieved that he can at last move up to middleweight.


Jamie had wanted so badly to win a world title at 154, but now he knows he will never do so. But it is a feeling of onwards and upwards for the exciting fighter. Moore told Boxing News that his ideal plan is to return with an eight-rounder in January and then, hopefully engage in a rematch with Matthew Macklin, the current European middleweight champion.


For those that thought Rhodes TKO 7 Moore was a great fight (and it sure was), the absolute classic Moore and Macklin put on in September of 2006 was even better. Finally putting his good friend down, face-first on the canvas in the 10th-round of an astonishingly entertaining battle, Moore retained his British light-middleweight title. The idea of seeing a part-two added to that memorable fight is indeed a good one.


Macklin, who immediately moved up to 160 and has remained unbeaten since losing to Moore, looked sensational in his last fight, when he iced Finland's well respected Aimin Asikainen in just one round to take the European belt. Feeling he has much improved since losing the war with Moore, the 27-year-old would likely be up for a chance at revenge.


According to Moore's interview with Boxing News, another scenario Jamie would relish is seeing Macklin, 25-2(18) fight for and win a world title, and then defend it against him. Either way, whether Moore-Macklin II is for European or for world honours, I want to see the fight! Very possibly the best fight I have ever attended live, their first epic encounter still excites today.




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Press conference in Dublin today: Macklin is fighting in the National Stadium, Dublin, Dec 5th against Uruguayan Champion Rafa Sosa Pintos.

He's got his eyes fixed on a World Title shot now, so hard to see that re-match happening soon.


yep should be a decent first defence for macklin. 2 wins and macklin will get a crack at a world title.if macklin wins a world title then maybe he will rematch moore. not too sure he will be keen on another war tho

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