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WBC ban Arreola


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By Eric Thomas: According to the latest news in the boxing world, heavyweight contender Chris Arreola (27-1, 24 KO’s) has been banned six months from boxing by the WBC because of the swearing that the 28-year-old Arreola did after his 10th round stoppage loss to World Boxing Council heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko on September 26th at the Staples Center, in Los Angeles, California. Arreola, visibly upset and crying after his fight was stopped against Klitschko said the following words when being interviewed by HBO announcer Larry Merchant after the fight:


“I worked my a$$ off. F#@k! Vitali is a strong mother f–ker. I wanted to go the full 12. I knew it was fu—ing me up. I couldn’t get to him, Man. Fu-k! This aint the last you’ll see of me. Fu#k that. I’m coming back.”


You can’t blame Arreola for swearing because he was clearly upset and wound up from the loss. It’s only natural that a blue collar fighter like Arreola would let out a few obscenities after being beaten so badly by Klitschko. A lot of fighters in the same situation would probably do the same.


The ban is reportedly backdated from the September fight, meaning that Arreola wouldn’t be able to fight against until March 2010. That’s bad news for Arreola, though, because he had plans on fighting again in December against a still to be determined opponent. What’s unclear is whether Arreola will honor the ban. Arreola is ranked highly by the other boxing organizations and in theory wouldn’t necessarily need to follow a ban by the WBC if he didn’t want to.


Of course, they might drop Arreola from the rankings if he does decide to fight, but it still might not matter all that much to Arreola because he probably is better off staying clear of WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko in the near future. Arreola was badly over-matched by the 38-year-old Klitschko and was never able to land with any real consistency in the fight.




What a joke this sanctioning body are. The guy was emotional and he said a few naughty words yet hes banned for 6 months. Utter crap as far as im concerned.


Ok he can still fight just not in a WBC contest but its a complete joke that makes my blood boil.


Margarcheater got 12 months for putting bricks round his hands.


No wonder Boxing has so many problems when crap like this happens

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The WBC must have been envious at all the publicity the WBA have been getting these days with their joke 'interim', 'normal' and 'super' champions all reigning in 1 division at the same time.


Gotta feel sorry for Arreola; as its bad enough he was sobing like a child on TV after being completely outclassed and ineffective against Vitali Klitschko but he gets banned for swearing on National TV. The TV stations are aware that emotions run high after fights and people watching know that boxers aren't choir boys.


Another bizarre and plainly wrong action from the WBC.

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I don't see how the organisation has the remit to do this!!


This surely has to be an issue for the network and I assume they would have the right not to air his fights or take interviews with him because of the language live on Air...Very strange this!

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