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Amir Khan:im a better champion than carl froch


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Amir Khan: Im a better champion than Froch


Amir Khan let rip into Carl 'the cobra' Froch recently on British radio during an interview. Khan, who looks set to defend his WBA 140lb light welterweight title against the 'Fighting Jew' Dimitry Salita soon, took a swipe at the current WBC super middlweight champion from Nottingham.


"I know for a fact that I’m a better world champion than Froch. I always get dissed by Froch, that’s just jealousy I think." stated the Bolton born olympic medallist.


"He hasn't got the recognition I have got and the things I got. Where was he when he was 22? What I have done in this game, no 22-year-old has done"


Khan recently told a leading British newspaper that negativity from British boxing fans has left him contemplating moving to the States full time.


"I am really considering moving abroad. It doesn’t bother me if people hate me. I am just doing what I love doing. Them people that hate me, lets see them go out and win a world title the way I did."


Whilst Khan may believe he is better than Froch, there is a large segment of the British boxing community that would fiercely disagree with him.


Froch, whom was an outstanding amateur himself, captured the first World Amateur medal whilst boxing at middleweight in Belfast several years ago.


He has also had no favours en route to his coveted WBC title, taking tough fights against all his domestic opposition and also knocking them all out.


Whilst Froch remains unbeaten, Khan was obliterated inside a few minutes by the unheralded Columbian Breidis Prescott.


Prescott has since been defeated by split decision by the relatively unknown Miguel Vazquez (24 wins 3 losses).


Who do you think is the better champion ?

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Who the f**k does he think he is, no wonder the british public havnt taken to him.

all through his career fought hand picked supermarket stackers,ducked fighting anybody decent in britain,got ko before my kettle had chance to boil against prescott,beat a barrera who didnt look bothered on a cut and fast tracked to a world title.

Im sorry Mr Khan but that doesnt look like good reading to me so if your not happy with what the majority of the british fight fans think of you get on a plane and go and get another nationality.

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I think Carl Froch has been the better champion. He's made two successful defences to Khan's zero.


At the end of their careers I'm almost certain that Froch will have fought the better opposition regardless of wins/loses.


Full credit to Khan for beating Kotelnik and winning a title at such a young age but he still has alot to prove. He has tremendous ability - that is undeniable - but I am just not convinced that he has the toughness or chin to win against the very best. I do hope he has and we get to see him fully tested.


Khan has the decent Salita next then it should be Maidana. After that and assuming he is succesful, I can see him having a much hyped rematch with the damaged goods of Prescott and a huge UK fight with Hatton. If he wins all those fights then he is certainly worthy of respect.


Trouble is that 'If' he wins those fights there are plenty of fights out there against even better fighters. (with the exception of Hatton)


Meanwhile Froch will be testing skills and heart against the likes of Kessler and Abraham. Even if Froch lost those fights, it is highly unlikely that Khan will have fought anyone with the ability of those fighters.

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By Liam Santiago:


After being knocked out in a matter of seconds against Breidis Prescott, I really thought that would do Khan a world of good and place his feet firmly back on the ground. But, no. He is still waffling on about achieving more than any other 22 year old, being a better champion than blah blah blah and even the ridiculous idea of beating Ricky Hatton. Is it any wonder the guy is not a fan favourite?


In a recent interview Khan claimed no 22 year old had achieved what he has. What about a 20 year old Tyson or Muhammad Ali? Beating Fagan, an old Barrera and Kotelnik does not quite deserve that kind of praise. Fair enough, the Bolton man has won a world title, but he chose the easy route. Kotelnik was a slow plodder who lacked punching power and Khan still ran throughout the entire fight. And please, don’t give me the rubbish about how he is only young and maturing. Firstly, if you are not prepared to fight the best, do not challenge for a world title. Secondly, look at the likes of Timothy Bradley, not much older than Khan ; he has fought Junior Witter, Nate Campbell etc.


The idea that Khan could beat Hatton is laughable and to call the Manchester man out straight after his defeat to Pacquiao, when it was clear the Hitman was on the slide, was totally disrespectful. If Khan thinks Hatton’s punches will feel like Fagan’s or Kotelnik’s, he might be in for a huge shock. Lets face facts, Amir Khan can not take a punch. Hatton is known for his intense punching power. He has stopped Castillo, who was never stopped in 70 odd fights. He stopped Kostya Tszyu. What chance would Khan have. He would do well to last a round.


According to Khan he is a better champion than Frcoh. Is that really true? Even though Froch has entered into a tournament to fight the best in his division, putting everything on the line. That can’t be right. Lets compare. Khan has beaten Kotelnik. Froch stopped former undisputed middleweight champion, Jermaine Taylor. Let me put this straight now, Amir Khan is not a better champion than Carl Froch.

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A year after this thread was initially posted it is clear Froch is a better champion than Amir Khan.



By a country mile...

I was away to start hating Khan again, then realised it was a year old!! mlol/


He's starting to come around, and a win over Maidana and more time out of the limelight, to avoid saying something stupid, will soon get people backing him again!

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