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Straight facts on valuev


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Look at Valuevs last seven fights- beat a 46+ Holyfield with a dodgy decision,beat J.Ruiz(well past his best) in another dodgy SD.beat Sergey Lyakhovich(WHO ?) who hadnt fought for nearly 2 years.Beat Jean Francois Bergeron on points.

Lost to Ruslan Chagaev who then went on to fight Vladmir Klitschko and was an embarresment.beat James McCline due to McCline pulling out in the 3rd round with an injured knee.beat Monte Barrett by TKO Rd11,the rest of his career the boxers he has fought have that many defeats against there name it looks like a cricket score.

All this boils down to is Valuev all through his career has hand picked his fights against over the hill,mediocre and people you have never heard of and when a fight is close he gets a dodgy decision.


So why is it people are making out he is unbeatable and Haye hasnt a chance id like to know.

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I agree with all your opinions Lee on this subject.


Though would like to point out that the Chagaev beaten by Klitschko was not the same fighter that beat Valuev. Chagaev was a man on a comeback from illness and injury and lucky to get the win over Carl Davis Drummond, when he met Wladimir. When he met Valuev he was an unbeaten fighter in the ascendancy and viewed on a par with Alexander Povetkin. Basically, Wladimir got him at the right time while Valuev fought the better version.


As for Valuev - his size is going to give any fighter a problem. He does everything at one pace, there seems to be no 2nd gear. Haye should walk this - and get the props for beating Valuev as many have found it's not easy to do.


Looking at that list of fighters - Valuev has never faced a real puncher, he will next Saturday. :-)

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I don't think we can underestimate him although I do agree with the points raised...The mans size has to give him an advantage with any opponent!!


Its typical play fighting against your lad or younger nepphew techniques that he uses....you know the old...hold the head and let him swing, knowing he cannot get near you because you have the superior size!!


You dont need to be skillful just strong with a big punch! and he has both!

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