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Match ups id have loved to seen .fighters past and present


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These are the match ups i would have loved to seen with fighters past and present.

Heavyweights- Cassius Clay v Mike Tyson

Cruiserweights-Carlos de Leon v Johnny Nelson 2 (To let johnny rid his demons)

Light Heavy- Dennis Andries v Bernard Hopkins

Super Middle- Joe Calzaghe v Carl Froch

Middlewight- Marvin Hagler v Sugar Ray Robinson

Welterweights- Lloyd Honeygan v Floyd Mayweather

Light welter- Manny Pacquaio v Julio Cesar Chavez

Lightweight - Roberto Duran v Marco Barrera

Featherweight- Naseem Hamed v Barry McGuigan


If these were to happen it would settle a lot of debates we have had in the pub.

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heavy: muhammad ali vs. joe louis

cruiser: evander holyfield vs. ezzard charles

light heavy: roy jones jr. vs. bob foster

super middle: james toney vs. joe calzaghe

middle: ray robinson vs. carlos monzon

junior middle: wilfred Benitez vs. terry norris

welter: ray leonard vs. shane mosley

junior welter: pernell whitaker vs. aaron pryor

light: roberto duran vs. manny pacquiao

super feather: floyd mayweather jr. vs. alexis arguello

feather: juan manuel marquez vs. salvador sanchez

super bantam: erik morales vs. israel vazquez

bantam: eder jofre vs. rafael marquez

junior bantam: khaosai galaxy vs. johnny tapia

fly: pancho villa vs. mark johnson

junior fly: hilario zapata vs. humberto gonzalez

straw: ricardo lopez vs. ivan calderon

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Ray Mancini vs Ricky Hatton - two strong,aggressive,durable pressure fighters,both of whom are relentless body punchers and both of whom have great stamina.Hatton's greater strength of the two would probably be the difference,but Mancini would no doubt hold his own in a very exciting competitive fight.




Paul Williams vs Kelly Pavlik - still like to see this fight.With Pavlik heavy hands and aggression,and Paul Williams workrate and poor defense,both are pretty basic,both come to fight - this fight couldn't look any better on paper.





I'll come back with some more later.

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Here are some bouts i'd loved to have seen, with both guys in their primes:


Naseem Hamed vs Erik Morales

Naseem Hamed vs Juan Manuel Marquez

Marco Barrera vs Salvador Sanchez

James Toney vs Bernard Hopkins

RJJ vs Joe Calzaghe (primes RJJ)

Dariusz Michalczewski vs Joe Calzaghe

Sugar Ray Robinson vs Thomas Hearns

Sugar Ray Robinson vs Floyd Mayweather jr

Sugar Ray Leonard vs Floyd Mayweather jr

Roberto Duran vs Floyd Mayweather jr

Kostya Tszyu vs Floyd Maweather jr

Kostya Tszyu vs Oscar De La Hoya

Henry Armstrong vs Manny Pacquiao

Roberto Duran vs Manny Pacquiao

Wilfredo Gomez vs Manny Pacquiao

Carlos Zarate vs Manny Pacquiao (no way would this bout have gone past 6 or 7 rounds)

Carlos Zarate vs Erik Morales

Lennox Lewis vs Riddick Bowe

David Haye vs Frank Bruno

Julio Cesar Chavez vs Felix Trinidad

Julio Cesar Chavez vs Mickey Ward

Sugar Ray Leonard vs Mike McCallum

Thomas Hearns vs Mike McCallum

Thomas Hearns vs Nigel Benn (this bout would've been as brutal as Hearns vs Hagler)

Julian Jackson vs Nigel Benn

Jake LaMotta vs Nigel Benn

Willie Pep vs Salvador Sanchez

Pernell Whitaker vs Aaron Pryor

Henry Armstrong vs Joe Gans

George Foreman vs Mike Tyson

Sonny Liston vs Mike Tyson

Rocky Marciano vs Mike Tyson

Geroge Foreman vs Vitali Klitschko

Rocky Marciano vs Joe Frazier

Lennox Lewis vs Jack Johnson

Sam Langford vs Jack Johnson


The list is endless.

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Out of the bouts i mentioned, i'd probably narrow my top ten down to these:


1 - Naseem Hamed vs Erik Morales: Naseem clearly dodged Erik Morales (or "manoeuvred" his way away from him). So i'd like to see this just so Naz could be dealt the loss he would've been dealt. I don't think Naseem has any chance of beating him.




2 - Marco Barrera vs Salvador Sanchez: One of the best boxers of his era against one of the greatest Mexican boxers of all time. Neither guy would've given up. I'd go for a Sanchez KO win but i'm just not sure Barrera would be willing to go down in front of his Mexican fans.




3 - Sugar Ray Robinson vs Thomas Hearns: I don't know about you guy but i always preferred Hearns to Leonard. I thought he was more exciting, more offensive, more ferocious... And Robinson had everything. This bout would've been up there with Robinson vs LaMotta or Hearns vs Hagler IMO.




4 - Sugar Ray Robinson vs Floyd Mayweather jr: I would love to see this bout just so the World of boxing can see Floyd's big gob shut once and for all. Robinson would annihilate "Pretty boy". His face wouldn't be pretty after a bout with SRR. And i think SRR would score a knockout. Floyd might be able to do that high guard routine on a 38 year old Mosley and an unfit Ricky Hatton and a bloated Marquez.... But against the real McCoy, he'd look like an amateur.




5 - Kostya Tszyu vs Floyd Maweather jr: In the mid 2000s, after Hatton had beaten Tszyu, and Tszyu had beaten Sharmba Mitchell and Zab Judah, Floyd decided to fight Mitchell and Judah instead of fighting the winners of these previous bouts. I'd like to see if Tszyu's power had've been enough to KO Floyd. I don't actually think he'd have beaten Floyd, but like with so many bouts linked to Floyd, if only the bout could've happened.....




6 - Roberto Duran vs Manny Pacquiao: Arguably the best boxer at 135lbs against the best boxer since that man retired. Should be a slugfest. Even Roach says Duran would win this one. I don't think many people would argue against that. Would be great while it lasted. I also think Pacquiao would floor Duran. But be floored himself also.




7 - Carlos Zarate vs Manny Pacquiao: IMO Zarate didn't fight a great deal of super opponents. He fought enough, but compared to guys like JCC and Barrera, i think his record looks less impressive. But he had 63 KOs out of 66 wins. That is a very impressive statistic. And Pacquiao has bombs in his gloves too. This bout won't make it to the final round IMO.




8 - Sugar Ray Leonard vs Mike McCallum: McCallum beat a whole host of great opponents but the "Big Four" never fought him. I think most people would find it hard to believe that Mike "dodged" them. I think it is much more likely they "dodged" him. Not a big enough name, not worth the effort for the money on offer and very possibly a danger of losing a World title. I think MCallum may win this one on points but lose the rematch.




9 - RJJ vs Joe Calzaghe: A prime RJJ at super-middleweight (hey, fight at Calzaghe's preferred weight so there's absolutely no excuses from Joe after the bout). RJJ would humiliate Calzaghe. I honestly think Joe was good enough to beat any of the top American and British contenders of his era (Wright, Hopkins, Toney, Pavlik, Dawson, Benn, Collins....) but i don't think he'd have beaten a prime RJJ. Joe's strength was his resilience, his work rate, his overwhelming punching style (punches in bunches) and his chin. Yeah, he was dropped 4 times or whatever. But he got straight back up with no after effects and won most of his bouts by a clear decision. But, RJJ had all of that (not as many punches thrown) but he had a much harder punch (1 punch KO power), better skill, better defence, faster hands, faster feet..... He was everything Joe was but just much more.




10 - George Foreman vs Mike Tyson: In most "Dream Heavyweight bouts" most people talk of Tyson vs Ali, Marciano vs Ali, Johnson vs Langford etc.... But there's only one fight i would love to have seen over any other HW fight and that's Foreman vs Tyson. If there is one fight in the history of boxing that you can GUARANTEE (you could put your house on it!) would not last 15 rounds, it's Tyson vs Foreman. I'd be surprised if it went past round 4. IMO, Foreman does a number on Tyson similar to what he did to Frazier. The difference being as he comes in all guns a blazing, Tyson would catch him with a massive uppercut (something like that). Foreman would go down. Shake it off, put his bad man face back on. Then pummel him again until the bout gets stopped.



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