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How would Lennox Lewis have done


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Lewis easy 1-3 round KO. Valuev looked so terrible against Holyfield that 100% Honest I would easily have put on gloves and tried a fight against him :-)

Only thing that annoys me is that Haye gets that easy title win without proving himself at all in the heavyweight world. Damn :-(

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Lennox' speciality was his uppercut, and that actually works massively in his favour, and Valuev would never see it coming.

He wouldn;t run like Haye did, he would probably stand and trade, and when a fighter the size of Valuev shows up and is found to have very little power and is slow as f*ck, then there's only one way for it to go.


Lennox, early-mid KO.

Once the big man is down, he will find it difficult to get back up ;)

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