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Is Duddy a dud?


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The question needs to be asked. Is John Duddy Ireland’s great hope, or Ireland’s great hype.? Or put it another way, is Duddy a dud?


The statistics are there to be read 27 wins a single defeat, all against fighters of the “Who the hell is he” variety with the honourable exception of a past it Howard Eastman, and yet still somehow Duddy is getting mentioned in dispatches as being a genuine contender for two title middleweight champ Kelly Pavlik.


Duddy initially had a few things going for him, he was white, Irish, New York based and possessed a face ladies swooned over.


But while Duddy was, and is probably eminently marketable the moment had to come when like all scrappers we had to find out if he could actually fight. We are still waiting.

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