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Ricky Burns v Kevin Mitchell , who wins ?


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2009-12-05 - Kevin Mitchell v Ricky Burns


ricky burns v kevin mitchell


alot of ups and downs with rickys career so far , he beat a undeafted british champion in Graham Earl (22-0) in his tenth fight, altough it wasnt for the belt.


On his 14th fight he lost to alex arthur in a points descision. Three fights after his first loss he took on Carl Johanneson and lost to a 2nd unanimous decision. The future didnt look to bright for ricky but since then hes went on a 12 unbeaten run picking up the commenwealth belt against Osumanu Akaba. the last 3/4 fights hes added some needed power . i think this is the fight which will tell us how far ricky can go . kevin mitchell is 29-0 with 22 knock outs. I think this is a very interesting fight


who do you think will win?

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