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Glen Johnson "Calzaghe backed out of 3 fights with me&q


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woods v calzaghe mlol/ smiley says it all


johnson v calzaghe , johnsons record = won 49 (KO 33) + lost 12 (KO 1) + drawn 2

not much to talk about. afraid and imitated mlol/


buy this time he was a broken down record i gave up , he was on about calzaghe v jones, was a bit of a boring interview bit dull and i gave up on the interview even thought it was only 1min 45seconds long

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Its a fight that I wish had happened. I certainly don't think Joe avoided a man beaten by Omar Sheika and Clinton Woods. Johnson would have been a tough defence but Joe had too much speed for him and would have won a clear points decision.


Calzaghe got injured quite alot in his career - its just something that can happen.

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