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Suddenly, it's all about the heavies


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Suddenly, it's all about the heavies


Well, would you Adam and Eve it, after what has seemingly been years of endless yearning and in parts ridicule, it's happened. Whisper it quietly...the heavyweights are back. To be more precise, the heavyweight scene in Britain is on the up.


The big three if you like are British champ Tyson Fury, world title challenger Dereck Chisora and Olympic medallist and now English champ David Price.


And you can chuck in capable journeymen like Michael Sprott and John McDermott. The raw power of our very own 'War Machine' Larry Olubamiwo, the feel good story waiting to happen that is Richard Towers and the ever likeable Sam Sexton and you have a heavyweight scene in this country which is thriving.


The heavyweights being on the up can only be a good thing for British boxing. After a dreadful end to 2011, which big boy can re-ignite our hopes in 2012? Let's assume that out of that lot our best hopes are Fury, Chisora and Price - which one do I see making the biggest splash in the next 12 months?


Tyson Fury is probably the hardest to work out. The man from the Romany background is an enigma. Excellent in parts, sluggish in others, courteous, then rude, overweight at times, then in shape, on his behind then back up to do the same to his opponent. It's hard to keep up. In Fury's plus column though is his apparent desire to fight anyone; it took balls to fight John McDermott in the infancy of his career. It took balls to fight him again in enemy lands especially after many people thought he lost the first fight. This, coupled with a gutsy and sometimes dominant win over Chisora, ticks the box in terms of bravery for the big man from Manchester.


Indeed, even in some of his more sluggish wins he has shown bottle to climb off the deck (or fire back when in trouble) against the likes of Nicolai Firtha and Neven Pajkic. However, it could be argued that it's hard to see how he could take the type of right hands he did against those foes, from someone more technically superior and a hard puncher as someone like a David Price.


A mark against Fury is his sometimes poor conditioning and what some see as an inability to listen to trainers, advisors et al. Fury is his own man and whilst that could and should be applauded it could be his undoing down the line.


One man who has already beaten Fury, albeit in the amateur ranks is David Price. Price has gatecrashed the scene with his one round demolition of John McDermott eight days ago. McDermott, remember, gave Fury hell for 19 rounds over two fights. Displaying lovely technique and serious power, Price told us what we really already knew that he has the skills and dig to make a mark beyond British level. What we don't know however, is how Price reacts under fire himself - unlike Fury he hasn't proved his cojones yet. What will happen when Price is clocked on the chin with the sort of right hands Fury has eaten in recent fights? That's the acid test for the heavyweight and until it happens, rightly or wrongly there will be some who question Price in this area.


His defeat in the Olympics against Roberto Cammarelle adds fuel to the fire of any Price critics. However, Price does look like the sort of heavyweight with height, skills and power who could go a long way. Time will tell.


Onto Chisora. Somewhat similar to Fury in that you really don't know what you're going to get. Listless and out of shape against Fury or the motivated and dangerous fighter we saw in the Helenius fight? Chisora has underated boxing skills, decent power and a decent chin. Whilst he doesn't have the reach of a David Price or desire of a Tyson Fury it could be argued that as an 'all rounder' Dereck is probably the best of the lot.


We will find out a lot more about Chisora when he challenges Vitali Klitschko. The Chisora of the Helnius fight could take the fight into the late rounds, if the Dereck Chisora of the Fury fight shows up then its all over inside four rounds.


You can imagine someone like Chisora, on his game really testing the fighting heart of a David Price. You can see David Price with his big right hand knocking both Fury and Chisora out. You could also see Fury taking Price's best shots and dragging Price into unknown territory. This is why right now its fascinating. Who would come out on top? To simply say Price because he beat McDermott in a round who in turn tested Fury who in turn dominated Chisora would be too simplistic and wrong. In cases like this I look for the man who has proven the most at the present time and also who I think has the all round game to move forward, and, in what may seem controversial, I go with Tyson Fury. I believe he intimidates Chisora and has his number. I also believe he has the guts to take David Price into deep water where I'm not sure Price could stay afloat.


So, it's Tyson Fury for me. I could be wrong. Who cares? Watcing these big fellas fight for the right is sure to be a fun ride. Welcome back, heavyweights.



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They are all horrifically inferior than the Klitschko's though, apparently, so it still aint good enough, again apparently :)


I welcome this stiff competition in the division though. They might not have all the tools and class of the Mayweathers and Cottos but there should be some intriguing battles.

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The British heavyweight scene is the best in the World right now. It's a really competitive division with plenty of interesting fights to be made. Fury, Chisora, Price, Sexton, McDermott, Olubamiwo, Towers, Dallas, Sprott, Baker as well as prospects like Gary Cornish and Dillian White. Also Danny Price (big cruiserweight) will possibly move up to heavyweight one day and Anthony Joshua is likely to turn pro after the Olympics.
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