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Harry Greb In Training


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Here's hope that some future cache of Greb fights turns up in the future.




This is the most footage I've ever seen after the tiny clip of him that was reputed to be all there was of available video. Mickey Walker and Philly Jack Obrien included, 1925, so this is near the end of Greb's career. Looks pretty handsome and scarfree considering the near 300 bouts by then.


The training itself ain't very impressive and sweat free but like most publicity releases, it's probably just staged for the cameras before the real training begins. Clearly Greb is very quick and herky jerky unpredictable in motion, pretty much the way his style is described, a nightmare to deal with.


**** Whoops, needs to be moved to history, sorry about that Einstein.......

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I know it's only sparring, but he looks so wild - I know he was the human windmill but I somehow expected him to be tidier. Hopefully we'll get some fight footage and soon, but if anyone's got any, I suspect they don't realise.


I'm a big believer in Greb and disagree with it, but there's a group of historians who I think make a pretty decent argument that the lack of footage on Greb has helped his legacy.

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