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Chavez , Donaire , Cunningham and Quigg scores now completed

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Thanks to everybody on ringnews24 who took part in adding scores for these fights along with all the other fan sites.. The Chavez and Donaire fights i feel were quite easy to judge although some only had Chavez winning by 2 rounds and even 1 had Vasquez Jnr beating Donaire lol.


The Hernandez vs Cunningham fight was the best of the lot that split the boxing fans and press , id still say that the majority still thought that Hernandez won but there more than a few that though Cunningham had done enough. Also there were a number that had this fight a draw.


The Quigg vs Arthur fight had a controversial stoppage by Ref Mark Green , at the time of stoppage the majority had Quigg in front JUST although quite a few had it even , nobody had Arthur ahead even though he scored a knockdown.


I have been able to make some cracking contacts from twitter etc who are happy to supply me their scores , some i have to e-mail etc. Thanks to the likes of Steve Kim , Glyn Leach , Dan Rafael , Gab Montoya etc etc but also to the fans on the boxing sites.


ps: thanks to J Tonks on here for your help


Cheers - the blog is below in the signature

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