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Hernandez-Cunningham II heats up


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Things got hot today at the final press conference prior to the rematch between IBF Cruiserweight Champion Yoan Pablo Hernandez (25-1, 13 KOs) and Steve “USS” Cunningham (24-3, 12 KOs). “That is my belt, it is coming back to me,” Cunningham shouted during the face-off. “You better hug it tonight. I am the real champion. Nobody is going to help you this time. I live, eat, sleep boxing. Nobody ever helped me. No referee helped me up off the ground when I got knocked down. I am worried, I am worried for you! I am the real champ.”


After a controversial ending to the first fight, Cunningham is eager to set the record straight. Back in October, the 35-year-old American was knocked down in the first round but came back strong. Before the seventh round, the fight was stopped after headbutts had opened two cuts in Hernandez´ face. “It was the wrong decision to stop the fight,” Cunningham said. “All I ask for on Saturday is an equal playing field. Hernandez is a good fighter but I am better. I will prove that I am the best cruiserweight.”


Hernandez was unimpressed by Cunningham´s words. “That´s no problem for me. He is American and Americans talk a lot. We´re used to it. I look forward to the rematch. Cunningham is a top cruiserweight, a very strong opponent, but I deserved to win the first fight and I will beat him again. If there is any doubt left that I am better, I will erase all doubts on Saturday night.”


Read More: http://ringnews24.com//index.php/boxing-news/41129-hernandez-cunningham-ii-heats-up.html#ixzz1lKgY2X1q

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